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"Haute performance Hair Care"


As we all know, Thanksgiving can be busy – from eventful mornings running to the grocery store, to afternoons of preparing meals for guests, to evenings filled with feasts and heartfelt conversations. Chances are, you’ll be seeing friends…


November is here which means we should all start getting ready for the special day at the end of November – Thanksgiving! For those who are hosting a dinner party, if you have already figured out the dinner and house decor, all you need is…


If you’ve ever used Iles Formula, you are sure to remember – and love – the perfumed scent when using our products. You’re not the only one! Every day, we receive messages from people commenting on how much they love their…

Iles Formula Perfume Lets speak about the Iles Formula perfume that everyone loves so much in Iles Formula. Every day I receive a message from someone commenting on how much they love their hair after using our formulas. Always they comment on…

Is female hair loss normal? Hair loss is usually an issue that affects men, but it can also be quite problematic for women if not treated early and properly. While some amount of hair thinning is normal for all women, it is important to…

   Iles Formula Salons in the USA. After successful launches to the press in New York and Ron Robinson stores in Los Angeles, we are now moving into Salons around the USA. Let us introduce our first USA Salon Ambassadors… First stop is…

Welcome to Iles Formula News. I’d like to start off by saying thank you for your interest and support. The Iles Formula team is here to promote the best products and ideas in HAIR It has taken considerable time and energy to put my…


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