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"High Performance Haircare"

A good hair care routine starts with self-love. Iles Formula believes everyone deserves high-performance haircare solutions. That’s one of the reasons why all of our formulas include powerful ingredients that are kinder to the planet – a…

Before and after testimonials are something we at Iles Formula excel at. Our formulas  are designed to INSTANTLY repair ALL hair types. Recently our founder Wendy Iles was in Germany speaking with the press about our new Iles Formula  hair…


Welcome San Francisco, Ron Pernell has now introduced  Iles Formula luxury haircare to his studio.  Easy to see how Ron is much loved by reviewing all the love and comments he receives daily from his clients….

Postado por Ana Cecilia de Magalhães Lins Lacerda & Bebel Niemeyer & Maria Pia Marcondes Ferraz. Nossas queridas leitoras estão cansadas de saber sobre os “meus cabelos” e seus percalços… Assim, quando um amigo mandou-me um novo…


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