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Image sourced from Iles Formula  Pinterest Social unrests raging across the United States. Home confinement. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving away from the royal family. That’s not even half of what happened in 2020. While these major…


Wondering what to offer that special person on that special day  Feb 14 Valentine’s Day? There is no gift more personal and caring, than offering someone sumptuous, luscious, nurtured hair. We wake daily to love letters and phenomenal…

6-Tips-To-Keep-Your-Mind -Healthy-To-Avoid-Excessive-Hair-Fall

Hair fall and baldness can be inter-related with each other to a great extent. A person with disturbed mental health will undoubtedly have hair loss issues not precisely from the head but any part of the body. In most cases, hair stops growing…


Spending too much money on ordinary products that don’t work and not having enough time for ourselves with homeschooling etc in the  “new normal” Covid affected lifestyle is a challenge. After the lockdown issues of 2020 and…


Hair treatment principles and possibilities changed once and for all when Hans Schwarzkopf, the German pharmacist, invented the world’s first shampoo. As people of the 21st century, we doubtfully can imagine our lives without that bathroom…


Start the Year Off Right with the Best Home Haircare. A new year means new beginnings. It’s time to edit our bathroom shelves and throw out all that we call “noise” – unnecessary products that don’t perform…


The Festive Season is upon us! Even if you are locked in at home without being able to meet friends and family in the same room, it’s great for our spirits if we make a little effort on the day. As most of our salons are also with closed…


We are all happy to say that 2020 is finally coming to an end. Winter is already here and aren’t we all craving a change? This year has been focused on DIY with all the social distancing and lockdowns, so when you can’t take a trip to the…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes New Yorker Cara Craig, a renowned hair colorist currently working in NYC’s Suite Caroline Salon. Read on to see what Cara has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Cara, visit her website….


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Jasmine Holman, owner of Jasmine Taylor Hair in Auckland, New Zealand. Read on to see what Jasmine has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Jasmine, visit her Instagram @jasminetaylor_hair or…


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