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"Iles Formula Hair Talk"


Antonio De Luca It all began with an unbreakable love for beauty and fashion, the first Sex and the City movie, and a vision, to underline the beauty of every woman in the most natural, flattering way. Antonio never fights against natural beauty…


Trey Gillen Trey Gillen is a celebrated stylist and color specialist with over thirteen years of experience based out of Ceron Hair Studio in Houston, Texas. His work has been featured across the most prestigious magazines globally, from Italian…


A visibly sparser hairline or lacklustre locks with no volume are some of the worst fears for many women. So, it’s understandable if you panic upon noticing a hairbrush full of hair or what feels like clumps of hair that come out during a…


Regina Marie Garnett is the Founder and Lead Educator of Extension Arts in Boston. Raised on the East Coast, a mix of ‘street style’ and ‘beach vibes’ has always been an organic influence in Regina’s approach to hair color and…


This week, Iles Formula is delighted to welcome Paul Edmonds. Paul is the Founder and Artistic Director of the multi-award-winning Paul Edmonds salons in London; a Georgian townhouse-inspired luxury hair + beauty emporium in the heart of…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Kiki Tobar from Kashmir Extensions, based in West Hollywood, California. Kiki Tobar is the Founder of Kashmir Extensions, a boutique salon in West Hollywood focusing exclusively on custom high-end hair extensions…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Patrick Meredith at Ryan M Salon, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With more than 25 years of experience in the salon industry, Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge and refined skill set to his clients. After living…


Iles Formula is pleased to welcome Dr. Jennie Christensen – CEO and Chief Scientist of TheíoVitality. Theío Vitality specializes in hair mineral analysis, creating a blueprint of the body’s elemental and nutritional balance, including…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Lacy Gadegaard West, Owner of Laced Hair Salon in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read on to see what Lacy has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Lacy, follow her on Instagram @lacygadegaard and her…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Kim Anderson, a professional hairdresser and makeup artist working at Channel 7, based in Australia. Read on to see what Kim has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Kim, visit her website. You…


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