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"Iles Formula"


Your diet can impact your hair health significantly. What you eat every day can make your hair grow faster or, conversely – cause hair loss. Lack of essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, protein, or various vitamins, can result in an…


There’s nothing worse than getting all dressed up for a big night out and your hair won’t cooperate. Your skin is glowing, your smoky eye came out sizzling hot, and your outfit is on point. But you’ve got some kind of frizz going on, your…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Lacy Gadegaard West, Owner of Laced Hair Salon in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read on to see what Lacy has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Lacy, follow her on Instagram @lacygadegaard and her…


Spring is fast approaching, a small glimmer of the sun shining through our home windows. One of the biggest events that Spring brings us is the well-awaited Spring Weddings. From the beautiful blooms of blossoms, daffodils, spring roses, and…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Kim Anderson, a professional hairdresser and makeup artist working at Channel 7, based in Australia. Read on to see what Kim has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Kim, visit her website. You…

How-To-Properly-Apply-A Hair-Mask-For-Best-Results

Is your hair dry, damaged, color-treated, or textured?  If you answered yes to any of these then it may be time to incorporate a Hair Mask into your hair regimen.  A hair mask can be a game-changer for any of the challenges you may be…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Ian Sannicolas, of The Uncommon Mane based in California, USA. Read on to see what Ian has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Ian, visit his salon’s website. You can also follow him on…


Stelli, one of the most renowned hairstylists in the fashion & beauty industry today, met with our founder Wendy Iles during his career. Probably one of his most defining experiences. We talked to him, read what he has to say. Stelli, whose…


Stelli, einer der renommiertesten Hairstylisten der Fashion & Beauty-Industrie, begegnete im Laufe seiner Karriere Wendy Iles. Wohl eine seiner prägendsten Erfahrungen. Wir haben mit ihm gesprochen. Wir haben einen der gefragtesten Hair…


This week it seemed fitting around International Women’s Day to feature our founder Multi-Award Winning Celebrity Hairstylist and Founder of Iles Formula Haircare, Wendy Iles. Read on to know about her life and how Iles Formula became born…


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