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"Kate Hudson"

Iles Formula Women featuring Miguelina Gambaccini

This week, Iles Formula Women introduces you to Miguelina Gambaccini, Founder and Designer of MIGUELINA, the luxury resortwear brand that she launched in 1998. Originally from the Dominican Republic… …

I had the honor to be the winner of Kathryn Blondell award for hairstyling this year at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. But for people who are not familiar with the name, who is Kathryn Blondell ? First of all, Kathryn was the 2016 Hollywood Beauty…

How To Do Heidi and Kate’s Soft Waves. For we women who don’t have enough hours in the day for ourselves, it seems there’s never enough time to get to the salon. But there is a flat iron technique for curl and wave that’s…

How-To: Tips for curly hair:  Natural and Homemade summer curls. Oh, the challenges of curly hair! Everyone admires it but no one wants it. It’s like a petulant child that just wants to do things their own way. The level of frustration can be…

Kate Hudson Curly Hair I promised some of you an article on how to do soft waves. As I’m working this week with #KateHudson , I thought there is no better person for my muse than Kate to inspire your soft wave look. That is why I will talk…

My Favourite Moments For This Week

What a week ! It started with a day around Paris, shooting for French Vogue. What I can tell you from that shoot is that RED is definitely “IN” for  next winter. Red coats, red bags, red boots, red shoes, it’s all about red !…


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