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  When celebrity hairdresser Kenna Kennor  of Kennaland called us saying “I’m doing the hair of Emily DiDonato’s wedding, please send us Iles Formula we want that luscious shine” we didn’t hesitate, we turned…


Iles Formula Hair Talk guest this week is Sophia Heffer, part owner alongside Kenna of Kennaland London. Not only is Sophia one of our favorite colorists but her salon is also an Iles Formula Ambassador. Read Sophia’s thoughts on hairdressing…

Gigi Hadid’s stylist spilled his secrets—and for that we are truly thankful. There are moments in life where you find things out and are like, “I simply cannot keep this information to myself.” It’s just too good. A…

  We are proud to introduce you to our new Ambassador salon in Brooklyn New York! Kennaland is a hair salon born out of a desire to move away from the traditional salon: its haste, hustle, bad lighting, weak tea and the continual churn of…


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