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"Luxury Haircare"

Calling all the ladies!  It’s happy hour and time for a drink!  But, not the drink we’re all expecting.  This is a happy hour all about hair.  Curly hair to be exact.   Many of you have shared with us that you’re constantly…


Are you feeling overwhelmed about your hair?  Have the tools and chemicals you have been using taken their toll on your beautiful curls?  This is something we hear often from clients that have curly, coarse hair.  In this journal, we want to…


Do You Know How To Apply Your Professional Hair Conditioner?  You most likely are saying YES, and depending what conditioner you are currently using, this may or may not matter.  With our Iles Formula Conditioner, we like to take you through…


For Wendy Iles, Co Founder of Iles Formula, it has always been about the integrity of the hair. She identified early on in her career the need for super charged, high performance hair care that could provide instant repair for the tortured hair…


Welcome San Francisco, Ron Pernell has now introduced  Iles Formula luxury haircare to his studio.  Easy to see how Ron is much loved by reviewing all the love and comments he receives daily from his clients….

  We are proud to introduce you to our new Ambassador salon in Brooklyn New York! Kennaland is a hair salon born out of a desire to move away from the traditional salon: its haste, hustle, bad lighting, weak tea and the continual churn of…


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