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"New Year"


The Trend on hairstyles and texture has taken a major swing in 2022, embracing simplicity and nurtured styles. There are many hairstyles that suit all lengths, from short to long. It is safe to say that trendy hairstyles for 2022 can go from…


Hair treated with the Iles Formula Signature Collection “New year, new hair.” This is the time to set some hair goals to kick start a new year of healthier and happier hair. Although we are told that hair grows at a rate of roughly…

Start your New Year off with a chic easy new style. Back to work or school studies normally means a hairstyle that’s easy and out of the eyes. Here are some ideas to fancy up the otherwise simple tied back tail. If you don’t feel…

How To Get A Sexy New Year's Eve Hair Up Do

The easiest ever hair for party! It’s better to create this on already dried hair even better from the day before. If the hair is freshly shampooed it’s often too soft, pins slide and hair doesn’t stay together as well. As you…


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