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"New Year’s Eve"


It’s almost the end of the year… A wonderful festive time filled with love and warmth. Even though most of us will be under home confinement this New Years’, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dress up and look as…


The Festive Season is upon us! Even if you are locked in at home without being able to meet friends and family in the same room, it’s great for our spirits if we make a little effort on the day. As most of our salons are also with closed…


Herewith, A step by step guide to ‘How To’ create the Classic French Roll. With New Year’s Eve celebrations on our doorstep, it’s a good and easy recipe to know. We love delivering styles classic enough for your mother,…


New Years Eve is just around the corner, and you know we wouldn’t leave you hanging when it comes to your hair.  We gathered for you some pins for New Years Eve Hairstyles To Inspire You.  We are also including a step by step for an easy…

New Years Eve Updo's Worth Trying

The celebrations continue as we make our way into the final festivity of the season, New Years Eve.  It’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017.  What are your plans for New Years Eve?  Are you watching the action from the…

How To Get A Sexy New Year's Eve Hair Up Do

The easiest ever hair for party! It’s better to create this on already dried hair even better from the day before. If the hair is freshly shampooed it’s often too soft, pins slide and hair doesn’t stay together as well. As you…


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