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Rankin’s new book “Alive in the Face of Death” is strong, emotional, provoking, powerful and inspiring. Most of the book is comprised of people suffering from terminal illness. Their generosity is touching allowing Rankin to…


My week revolved around Cheryl Cole, Rankin, The Ham Yard Hotel, TRESemmé and London. If you are planning to visit London, I totally recommend the The Ham Yard Hotel , This is a sister hotel to the Soho Hotel where I often stay – only…

A great week bouncing backwards and forwards betwen Paris and London . I worked on several front row guests for Chloe and Givenchy fashion shows and did a wonderful photo shoot with deigner Peter Dundas and  his “Pucci” winter 2014…


It’s a great satisfaction to have a perfectly efficient day. When I say “a day” I mean 24 hours of course. Here is an example of how it is when traveling with Heidi Klum. We flew overnight from LA to London to go straight to the studio…

Coup de Coeur

If you are Australian you have to love this. One of the most treasured gifts I ever received was this photograph of our flag shaped in a heart  from Rankin. I may be living between America and Europe  but much of my heart is still with…


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