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Cannes Film Festival will be starting soon. I will be present this year doing the hair of a couple of beautiful A-list stars, so stay tuned ! Before we move to 2016 best hair, here’s a recap of last year hairstyles with some ”…

Valentines day look On Valentine’s Day, we always strive to do that little extra thing for our love. Hair is our crowning glory, work it girls. The trend these days is sumptuous spun silk textured hair, just perfect to run one’s…

Hair is tied to self-image Hair is an expression of style and personality. Some prefer it long, others prefer it short, but for most women, hair is far more than a bundle of fiber.  Studies show hair and self-image are closely intertwined. If an…

How To Use Hair Rollers To Get A Sexy Volume

Let’s speak about roller volume and how to achieve that big sexy Victoria’s Secret hair. There are 2 ways to go about this, either with the perfect wet set to be dried under a hood dryer ( photo Right ) which will give the most root…

Your Questions Answered

Thanks to all my followers. Please give me feedback or shout out if advice helps, I’m interested to know. 1/ @jazzegger : What would you recommend : Air dry or blow dry ? This really depends on the hair. To air dry is possibly better for…

  A must see is the new edition of #HughArnold’s underwater photography book #AguaNacida . It is an evocative and breathtaking volume that reflects the ocean as a feminine element, captured in Arnold’stunning images of underwater…

Wendy Iles' Hair Tips - Let's Speak Texture

  How-to get textured hair … Here is a list of my favorite products to achieve the above look. What’s great about Scarlett Johansson’s hair is the dry “slept in” texture. The perfect products to achieve this…

Wendy Iles' Hair Tips - How To Get Volume

Thanks to all of you for your hair tips requests which were mainly about “How to get beach waves”, “How to tame curl and prevent frizz” and “How to maintain volume”.  The biggest number of requests was about…


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