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The Emmy Awards

I’ve just spent the last week in Los Angelees with Heidi Klum .It’s been nice to catch up with our team again Rankin on photography and Linda Hay on makeup.Linda and I used to work together years ago out of Sydney and have re found ourselves as Heidi’s Aussie glam squad. We started the week shooting several campaigns  and some editorials but today Sunday is Emmys celebrations.

Heidi already has her Emmy sitting on her dinning table with the salt and pepper for the family to eat with each day ! I can only imagine how that feels to win an Emmy but i did get to hold it for Heidi with a photograph to document the occasion .

For the Emmy hairdo, Heidi had a fixed idea in her mind what she wanted .The inspiration first came from a hairdo that Elizabeth Taylor wore in the 60’s . I kept the texture of the hairdo “easy ” and not too polished or perfect to keep it fresh. This made the overlook less couture and more modern. I also didn’t use hairspray so as the hairstyle stayed “lived in” .I think it was a perfect compromise with her otherwise very strict moulded to the body Versace gown .The Emmy Awards | Emmy Awards Heidi Klum hair wendy iles e1380004038485

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