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THE FRENCH TOUCH “The Secret to French Hair”




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The “French Touch”

The secret to French hair in just a few lessons!

What do French woman do to make their hair look sexy without brushing?

From London to Los Angeles, the web does not cease to fantasize about the myth of the Parisienne woman,  she who can eat well and yet still stay effortlessly slim, the  woman who can take perfect looking selfies upon waking up in the morning, therefore proving that one needs nothing more but nature to look beautiful.

Traditionally, French hairstyles were considered classy, elegant, and sexy but complicated. Witness the chignon French twist or the French roll or the French plait. Women everywhere could relate to the time and effort it takes to achieve this style. But now, to achieve an enviable but natural look without appearing to work at it seems unreal. For women who never leave home without brushing, the new French look is fascinating. It seems so far removed from the straightened hair, the glamour brushing, and the perfect ultra-shiny hair that takes hours to prepare.

Not only do these French women live in jeans, wear little makeup, don’t color their hair, they often leave home with wet hair. Caroline de Maigret, Jane Birkin, and her two daughters Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg are famous for this new French allure. Today’s color is flat matte with beige highlights and a raw texture, like one has just combed the hair with their fingers. However, for this ‘out of bed’ look there is still some work to do. One needs to texturize and prepare the matière, as not everyone has hair that wakes up this way.

Sometimes we need to create this illusion by adding volume to the roots by drying the hair upside down haphazardly, drying the mid lengths with a diffuser and finishing with sea salt spray to add a natural matte texture. Perhaps a little powder wax to give a lived-in texture to the roots, but in any case the straightening iron and round brush stay in the cupboard.

If your hair is already super dry, and has a rough texture, do the opposite by adding suppleness. Apply the miraculous Iles Formula finishing serum liberally all over the hair, comb through, and in most cases allow it to dry naturally or diffuse dry using fingers.

There you have it. The secret of the new French style revealed. Textured hair, natural hair, Basta!

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