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The Miley Undercut

You see the difference a great haircut could make? Look at Miley Cyrus … I love undercuts and the people who wear them. They are brilliant haircuts to work with on set as they are so versatile … Bangs down or asymmetric to the side, easily transformed  back into a quiff, add a bit of shiny texture  and it’s immediately rock ‘n’ roll, brushed forward and greasy and it’s gothic….Its possibly the easiest hairstyle to look after as it can be a wash and go.

This cut totally transformed Miley !

I haven’t worked yet with Miley, I came close but was booked  in LA and she was shooting in London, but I’m sure it will happen soon as we are moving in similar circles.

If you are thinking about chopping off your locks, be brave ! Do it for Spring, it’s just around the corner!

The Miley Undercut | Screen Shot 2014 01 17 at 20.46.22

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