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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide In 2021


Only the best for Mom. Mother’s Day is approaching the first Sunday in May for many of us. Whilst traditionally, many of us tend to get white flower arrangements, gift basketsjewelry, or even treat our maternal figures to a lovely weekend brunch, consider moving away from generic gifts and stand out this year with the thoughtful gift of Iles Formula Haircare.

We assure you either of our Iles Formula nurture packs will have your Mom or partner always remembering this gift of love.  The pack combinations we have chosen for you will transform her hair from the first use. The more problematic Mom’s hair the more wow is the performance.

Prepare and get your gift in advance now and show your love this Mother’s Day by giving the gift of Iles Formula Haircare! 

1. Iles Formula Signature Collection 


The bestselling Iles Formula Signature Collection. For those looking for the best natural way to repair, revive and rejuvenate their scalp and hair strands, this collection contains all one will need. Suitable for all ages, genders, and hair types, its content includes our three award-winning formulas – the Iles Formula ShampooIles Formula Conditioner, and Iles Formula Finishing Serum 

The result of this Signature Pack is breathtaking and reviews are our testimony.

You can trust that the hair care products you are gifting your loved one are cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and most importantly, free of harsh toxins such as sulfates, silicone, and paraben that can build up on your scalp, roots, and hair shaft causing oily hair and damaged cuticles.  We also have been awarded the Butterfly Mark for our contribution to environmental performance.

The  Iles Formula Shampoo. This award-winning formula has a perfectly balanced PH to ensure a healthy scalp and hair shaft for all ages. It is so high performant that it’s known for removing yellow stains from aged white hair and gentle enough for the delicate locks of children. Some of our shampoo reviews will mention how Iles Formula shampoo has calmed down the scalp and skin of psoriasis patients and we even have cashmere enthusiasts using our Shampoo to cleanse their expensive cashmere articles.

The Iles Formula Conditioner is our jewel formula and the reason Iles Formula became a brand. This formula works instantly to repair, but, unlike many other brands, does not coat the hair with any unwanted residue like protein or keratin. Instead, it shuts down the cuticle instantly without leaving behind any residue. Iles Formula excels in our benchmark performance of never weighing hair down whilst delivering instant soft, sumptuous, and nurtured hair.  The result is phenomenal.

Lastly, the number 3 is the protection finishing serum  Iles Formula Finishing Serum offering protection against heated tools, UV, color fade, and humidity. If heat activated with a hairdryer, it has the power to transform hair that feels like straw to a sumptuous silk texture. It calms down thick coarse wiry hair and, immediately transforms thin, fine hair to feel organically thicker.


2. Iles Formula Spa Pack  


This elegant vegan leather beauty pack contains all one needs for a simple yet luxurious-feeling home hair spa. This is one of the best gifts guaranteed to make Mothers happy, especially when they need to step away from the hustle and bustle of life every now and do something special. You can rest assured; you are offering them the perfect combination of products for sheer luxury indulgence.  

The Iles Formula Spa Pack contains our award-winning hair care with a focus on our nurture mask. It is packaged in our elegant buttery-colored vegan faux leather beauty pack that has the look and feel of the finest Italian leather, a waterproof interior, and an extra-strong quality zip. Aside from the gorgeous look and feel of the pack, its sustainable nature ensures you can reuse it for everything else! 

The Spa Pack includes our award-winning formulas – the Iles Formula Shampoo, + Iles Formula Conditioner + nourishing Hair Mask and Conditioner Distribution Comb. 

3. Iles Formula Signature Twilly Ties 


Allow your Mums to elevate any hairstyle – from a chignon to a simply free nurtured ponytail with a chic, beautiful accessory. The Iles Formula Twillies are designed by French artist Noémie Lacroix at the Spaceless Gallery in Paris that features three special designs: the PASSIONNÉEDISTINGUÉEFRIVOLE. Each twilly tie is handcrafted from 100% silk and designed in France.  

With 3 different colorways of twillies, there is bound to be one that is suited for each special lady’s color palette. The most important lady in your life can wear the twilly any way she desires – as a hairband, hair tie, around the neck or wrist, or even tie it on one’s handbag. Give the great gift of chic style.  


Still not convinced? Simply read our reviews on our shop page for the product you think a Mother would be interested in! Our users fall in love with Iles Formula hair care because of its ability to transform hair just from the very first use. 


Before & After one use of Iles Formula Signature Collection. No extensions and No retouch. The volume in the above image comes from heat activating the finishing serum ( step 3) on the instantly repaired hair (from step 1 and 2 )



We’d love to see what you’ve decided so don’t forget to share with us on Instagram @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula. It’s also your chance to get featured on our pageWishing each and every one of you a Happy Mother’s Day! 

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