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Timeless Short Cuts

Timeless Short Cuts | Screen Shot 2014 06 02 at 10.08.07

A  celebrity client of mine is thinking about taking the plunge and going short. This is a part of the moodboard I’m putting together for her.

As you see short hair is timeless, it’s chic and sexy.  It all started with Twiggy in the 70’s.  What is great about her cut (that I featured above)  is the length left on top that adds extra variation to the style. One could brush this totally off the face and the hair would look as if it’s up,  and you can add wave or curl or just swap side parts. I believe that the style above on Carey Mulligan is more daring.

A great way to see if short hair suits you is to try a short wig. Take a look at Barbara Palvin’s photo on the left, she is wearing a wig.  The look won’t be exact, as often the wigs are more bulky than your own hair, but it will give you a guide to how it suits your face shape. So if you are inclined to go short, choose your hairdresser well. Take a photo of the style you want, images speak a thousand words.

As summer begins, this is the perfect season for a crop. But that’s not to say that short hair is not great for winter as well … It  indeed is !  I’ve always loved the shape of a small head in large overcoats,  high collars and big scarves and certainly no frizz to worry about on damp days.

Share with me if you decide to cut off your locks.


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