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Pro Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

While hair extensions provide volume, length, and style to your hair, they can be quite costly.

Making sure that your hair extensions are well-maintained with high-performance haircare, is essential to retain the extensions in a nurtured state.

There are so many types of extensions available everywhere nowadays; depending on the hair type and what you want to achieve, there is something for you and for everyone. If you have fine, thinner hair, hair extensions that are finer in texture would be a better choice. For example hair from Eastern Europe tends to be fine-textured, and hair from Asia and India is much more coarse in texture.  It’s very good for a salon to have a choice of both textures to choose from, so the extensions can be perfectly matched to all customers for a seamless result.


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest board

1. Keep your hair extensions healthy

Some methods of applying extensions are through hand sowing or via micro links which can become difficult to remove if left in place for too long. If uncertainty remains as to how much time you can dedicate to hair care, clip-in hair extensions are a good option.

It is also important to shampoo and condition extensions frequently. Do keep in mind however that micro-links & keratin bonds require that you do not shampoo or condition your hair too much on these attached areas as this can result in the bonds & beads becoming loose. Make sure to use a gentle PH-balanced sulfate-free +silicon-free shampoo

Remember to shampoo + condition + protect + moisturize all extensions even the clip-ins! These hair strips have little or no contact with the scalp’s natural sebum, therefore will age and dry out quickly. Indulge, by applying nurture products such as the Iles Formula Signature Collection and the Iles Formula Hair Mask that contain natural and raw moisturizing ingredients, including Vitamin E and Tucuma Butter, as well as nut oils from Australia and Vitamin E.


Iles Formula Conditioner


Iles Formula Hair Mask

2. Seek a professional to apply your hair extensions

The way your extensions are applied will determine how long they last. Extensions should only be applied by professionals who have been trained and experienced in the art. Improper installations can cause hair damage, which we should try to prevent at all costs.

To know verified  Iles Formula salons applying extensions check out our salon location pages near you.


Extensions by Iles Formula Ambassador salon @landastyling



Hand-sewn extensions by Iles Formula ambassador @nicolebcolorist



Beaded installation by Iles Formula Exclusive salon @kashmirextensions


3. Rest your head on silk

Silk provides little friction but plenty of gentle touch to your hair.

Silk pillowcases can help prevent your hair extensions from getting tangled while you sleep. The Iles Formula Twilly hair ties are a great alternative to expensive silk bedding. Silk hair ties can be used to keep your hair neat and secured while in bed, or even out and about in the city. These ties can also be used as hairbands or wristbands during the daytime.



Iles Formula Twilly Hair

4. Do not overuse haircare products

If you are a person who cannot decide which products to use on a regular basis, we have a solution for you. Iles Formula provides both your scalp and hair and the extensions the nourishment needed to make your extensions as durable as possible.


Hair by Iles Formula ambassador @chrisweberhair  @rebelandroguesparlour

Take care of your long locks with Iles Formula products. Feel free to tag us with @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula on your social media to share your look!

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