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Tips for Cleaner Healthier Hair & Scalp When Showering


There are many myths surrounding hair cleansing, one of which – as reported by the American Academy of Dermatology – is the idea that washing oily hair frequently only leads to more oiliness. In fact, the frequency with which you wash your hair, the products you use, and the treatments you apply between showers – all depend on factors such as your hair type, lifestyle, and personal preferences. There are, of course, considerations that people with different types of locks should keep in mind to ensure that hair is strong, smooth, and lustrous.

Choosing Sustainable, High-Performance Hair Care

Many commercial shampoos, conditioners, and serums smell beautiful, but they may contain harsh ingredients such as sulfate (a common detergent), parabens, sodium chloride, formaldehyde, and other ingredients which are known to harm human health. These ingredients can also dry out hair and damage it, making it brittle and prone to frizzing. Iles Formula has a select range of products – including the Shampoo, Conditioner, and Finishing Protection Serum. These award-winning Formulas are all included in a bestselling pack: Signature Collection! All products by  Iles Formula are endorsed by the Butterfly Mark issued through Positive Luxury for commitment to sustainability.  Please feel free to read about  ingredients here 

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Iles Formula Signature Collection

Selecting The Right Showering Frequency

The frequency with which you should shampoo and condition your hair depends on factors like your job, environment, and scalp condition. It may even depend on your town’s local water supply. If your hair is oily, for instance, you may find that washing your hair every other day is the minimum you need to keep it looking clean and professional. If your skin/scalp is dry, then a frequency of once to twice a week may be sufficient.

Hair texture is another important consideration to take into account. If your hair is curly, on the other hand, your curls slow down the spread of your scalp’s natural oils, so once again, you may only need a once-a-week shampoo. The state of your hair itself is also important: if you have a profession that requires frequent styling (heating, curling, straightening, etc.) or you simply enjoy changing your look through permanent treatments and the like, then your hair should also be washed less frequently and most certainly be compensated with excellent home care.

Paying Heed To Water Temperature

At the end of a tiring day, few things may appeal more than a long, hot shower. However, high water temperatures can strip hair of essential oils and moisture, thus leaving your scalp dry and your hair prone to frizzing. Choose a pleasant, warm temperature to open up your pores and enable the shampoo and water to wash bacteria and dirt off your hair. End your shower with a slightly cooler temperature to lock in moisture and close pores, keeping dirt and excess oil away.

Massaging Your Scalp In The Shower

To soothe away stress, take advantage of your time in the shower to give your scalp a massage. Start off with small circles at the crown, and extend the massage to the sides of your scalp, the area above your neck, and the hair close to your temples. Massage therapy has many benefits – including improving the skin’s natural healing ability, improving circulation, and reducing pain. To boost the calming effect of massage, colored shower heads with LED lighting can help lift your mood. Colors like blue and green are particularly great if you are a little anxious or stressed. Some LED light showers change their color depending on the temperature, helping you keep track of when your chosen temperature is too hot or too cold.

Don’t Skimp On Conditioner And Useful Treatments

In addition to shampoo, conditioner should be seen as a crucial ingredient in hair washing. Applying a quality, nutritious conditioner will make your hair easier to comb out afterward, reducing the chance of breakage and damage. It will also help address problems such as dryness and frizzing. After shampooing hair, apply your conditioner to mid-length and ends, then use a large-tooth comb to deliver the product to your roots as well.

For extra protection against UV rays, free radicals, humidity, and other environmental stressors, use Iles Formula’s Finishing Serum Haute Performance, which contains healing ingredients like nut oils, silk, ceramide, and many more key nutrients. To strengthen and nourish the hair, meanwhile, the Iles Formula Haute Performance Mask, with ingredients like Tucuma butter, pracaxia extracts, nut oils, panthenol, and B5, can be used between your shampoo and conditioner to seal in hydration.

Tips for Cleaner Healthier Hair & Scalp When Showering | Haute performance Hair Mask 2 2Iles Formula Hair Mask

Combing And Styling Hair

After your shower, don’t rub your hair dry with a towel, as this can lead to the formation of knots. Instead, gently pat your head, pressing the towel down to absorb as much water as possible. Opt for a soft microfiber towel if possible, as this will dry your hair quickly while reducing static, brittleness, and frizzing. Use a wide-toothed comb on your wet hair, preferably while the conditioner is on the hair. Start at the ends and make your way towards the roots.   Doing so the other way round can be painful since the comb can get ‘stuck’ on tangled portions of hair.

This method will deliver knot-free liquid silk texture.


For many beauty lovers, showering is one of the most calming parts of the day and an ideal time in which to beautify hair while de-stressing and enjoying relaxing music and a soothing head massage. To ensure that your hair is in tip-top condition, shampoo your hair only as frequently as required, opting for greater frequency if your hair is oily, and lesser frequency if your hair is dry or brittle. Invest in quality natural ingredients that are free of toxins and rich in powerful active ingredients. Comb your hair gently, and protect it against heat. Even your choice of towel can have an important effect when it comes to boosting your hair’s strength and resilience.


Article by Guest Writer: Isabella Lovett

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