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Tips For Protecting Your Hair Color From Fading

When it comes to Hair Color, women are flocking to their salons to get the perfect custom blended colors.  There is so much that can be done with color nowadays.  But, how do you protect your investment? Are you following the proper methods at home for preserving your color so it lasts close to your next scheduled visit at your salon?  This week on our journal we are sharing Tips For Protecting Your Hair Color From Fading.  Keep reading to learn what you can do now to make sure your hair color stay put.


Tips For Protecting Your Hair Color From Fading

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Wait To Wash

You may have heard your hairstylist tell you to wait to wash your hair after getting it colored.  Your hairstylist knows best, you really should give 24-48 hours before washing your hair for the first time after receiving a color service. In addition to that, if you can go longer bouts of time in between washing in general this will make a huge difference.  Instead, opt for a color safe dry shampoo that will help to absorb some of the natural oils your scalp will create.

When you do end up washing your hair, opt for sulfate free shampoo like our Iles Formula Shampoo.  Our shampoo scans the hair shaft for porosity holes and fills them with a ceramide, which evens out the porosity of the hair.  This can also be used just prior to your  hair color service which will leave you with better overall color results. Use lukewarm or cooler water instead of hot water when you wash your hair.  The reason for this is because the hot water opens up the cuticle which allows the color molecules to slip away.


Avoid The Sun

The sun is a huge culprit for fading your hair color, so if you are planning for a day in the sun,  be sure to wear a hat, or something to cover and protect your hair.  In addition, our Iles Formula Finishing Serum is not only your BFF when it comes to styling your hair, but it also has filters to protect your hair from UV color fade.  Simply apply serum liberally before heading out into the sun, and then pop it into your bag so that you can reapply as needed throughout the day.


Tips For Protecting Your Hair Color From Fading



Condition With A Purpose

We know it sounds so much easier to just slap on any conditioner as long as it makes your hair feel soft, but this is definitely not what we would recommend.  We also don’t recommend skipping the conditioner.  This step is a must.  What we love about our Iles Formula Conditioner is that it shuts down tight all of the hair scales after a chemical service. For use at home, it is designed to keep those scales closed tight so in between services your not washing your color down the drain.

Top salons around the globe now are using Iles Formula at the back bar especially after all chemical services, for the simple reason that this conditioner like no other, shuts down the hair cuticle very tight, hence delivering perfectly healthy hair after all chemical treatments.

Keeping your hair as healthy as possible will also keep your color longer.  With that being said, a mask is always a good recommendation. We love our Hair Mask because it is an anti color fade mask.  So it is not only protecting and repairing your hair, but also preventing your color it from loosing its lustre.

Tips For Protecting Your Hair Color From Fading


Limit Your Hot Tool Use

This is a tough subject for many because your likely thinking “how am I going to do that?”.  It is especially important within the first week of coloring your hair.  The truth is, your hair dryer, flat iron and curling tong can actually cause your color to fade right away.  If you just can’t stay away from your tools, then try using them on lower heat settings and be sure to use a thermal protecting product.  Our Finishing Serum is the perfect go to for protection from the heating elements.


Stay Out Of The Pool

This can often be a tough task, but dipping your hair under water in the pool is a major no no. The chemical in your pool is chlorine which is basically bleach.  So if you have just colored your hair and then you go under water in the pool, the bleach from the chlorine will most definitely strip your hair color or cause it to fade.  Definitely keep your hair tied up, and use a bathing cap whenever possible.

Take these steps and apply them when you have your hair colored next.  They really make a big difference in the longevity of the color.

Let us know if there is a subject you want us to cover. We are here to serve you!


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