Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair

We know many of you have been through this…You see an adorable short haircut, or a new haircut with bangs, and suddenly you are tempted to run to your stylist and chop your hair.  Nevertheless, you end up cutting it, because you are so obsessed over cutting it that you jump right in, and then almost immediately after, you are wishing it was back the way it was.  For some of you, your hair grows super fast and it will be no time before your hair is right back where it was.  But for those of you with hair that grows at a snails pace, we have you covered.  In this journal we are sharing Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair.  If you can relate, then keep reading as we share ways to help you get from short to long a little  quicker and loving it along the way.


Improve The Health Of Your Hair

Ask any salon pro about growing out your hair and one of the first things they will tell you is to make sure your hair it the absolute healthiest it can be.  Be sure you are using a daily shampoo and conditioner that will protect and improve the health of your hair.  In addition to that, a weekly deep conditioner should be a part of your routine.  We recommend our Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Hair Mask.  The combination of these three products will keep your hair strong and healthy which in turn will help your hair to grow much faster than if you didn’t use it at all.  Below is our Spa Collection Box that has everything you need.


Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair


Styling Tips

Growing out a short haircut can be very frustrating at times, we know this.  One of the Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair is to utilize accessories for those days when your hair just isn’t working out for you.  Consider using decorative bobby pins, scarves and hats for days where your hair is just not working.  Check out some examples below:




Utilizing a headband like the image above, can help to pull your bangs away from your face or also to keep hair in place that seems to be more difficult to control.


Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair


As your hair grows out , it may start to feel very heavy in areas.  A good solution is to ask your stylist to razor cut those areas slightly to help eliminate some of the weight.  You may find however, that you still are battling with bulk.  If this is the case, use decorative or regular bobby pins to help control some of the bulk.


Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair


Sometimes, nothing seems to work and in those cases, popping on a hat will be your go to for days you just “can’t deal”.  You will have to get creative with accessories for styling you hair when nothing else seems to work.  Having these items on hand will prevent bad hair days.


How To Cut As It’s Growing Out

When you are growing out a short cut, the best suggestion is to avoid cutting into the layers, and focus on keeping the bottom or perimeter of the cut cleaned up regularly.  This will ensure your cut grows out into more of a bob style, rather than a mullet style cut.  Keeping the bottom cleaned up, allows the sides and layers to meet up with the bottom quicker.


Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair

Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair


Adding In Some Texture

If your used to wearing your style smoother, you may want to consider styling by adding  texture to your hair.  Using a smaller iron and wrapping the hair around the iron in alternating directions will give you a bit of texture and help to hide the fact that you are growing out a short cut.


Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair


Growing Out Bangs

Growing out bangs can be frustrating for sure.  When visiting your hairstylists, ask them to cut just the center of your bangs slightly, this will keep them out of your eyes as they grow out and allow the outer edges to continue to grow.  If you can avoid cutting them at all this is the best possible scenario though.  Parting your bangs in the center helps as you grow them out.


Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair


As your bangs continue to grow, you can also choose to swipe them to the side to keep them out of your eyes.  Whatever you do, do not give in and cut them.  You will just have to start from the beginning all over.  If they are driving you crazy, simply use a bobby pin to pin them out of the way.


Tips From The Pros For Growing Out Your Hair


The biggest thing to remember when growing out your hair or your bangs is to just be patient.  The hair goes through many phases as it grows out and you will need to readjust how you are styling it at each phase.  Utilize accessories and change up the texture and you will get through it without going too crazy.


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