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Top 4 Strategies for Working Parents to Prioritize Self-Care

If there is one thing a working parent knows, it’s that they need to take care of themselves in order to take care of their children. However, in your busy life, things can get lost in the weeds — that’s why you need to find time to practice good self-care strategies and therefore bolster your own family relationships. You need to find more ways to support your home and your family — not just monetarily, but emotionally, as well. And that means you need to take care of your own emotions.

Iles Formula takes a look at four key things you can do as a working parent to take care of yourself and, in turn, take better care of your family down the line.


1. Hire a Sitter

Taking care of your kids is number one on your list, but sometimes you just need to care for yourself. Hiring a babysitter can be one of the most effective ways to get that alone time and make sure you are well-rested enough to deal with family stuff later — and you are well within your rights to hire a sitter when you are doing that. Kidsit.com notes that hiring a sitter gives you peace of mind, can help you grow your relationship with your partner, and gives you the time to improve your relationship with yourself.

You may even use your kids-free time to head out for a quick getaway. Check into affordable vacation rentals and take advantage of the privacy that you won’t find with staying at a hotel. Plus, you’ll have the vacation house to yourself, almost like a staycation, other than the fact that you’ll likely be near local attractions that you can discover as you want. TurnKey is a great solution, as you get your pick of distinctive homes with full kitchens, 24/7 guest support, and a seamless check-in process, a step up from Airbnb or Vrbo.

2. Try Meditation

While your kids are otherwise occupied with their sitters, there are things you can do to improve your self-care strategies. One of those things is to try meditation. Meditating has been proven to have some extremely important benefits, including better concentration and focus in other parts of your life, reduction in stress or anxiety, and better management of depression. Insider notes that it can also help you improve the level of compassion you feel for others — an integral part of being a parent.

One way to get serious about prioritizing meditation is to create a dedicated space in your home to listen to soothing music or relaxing sounds while you get balanced. Choose the room wisely, making sure it’s as quiet as possible (not streetside if you live on a busy thoroughfare), and where others won’t be traversing through.

Keep in mind that upgrading a room — or adding a room — will likely boost your home’s appraisal value should you decide to sell at a later date, making this project doubly beneficial. Be sure to save all your receipts, and take before and after photos, as you’ll want to have proof of the upgrade for the real estate agent and home appraiser.

3. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate…

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Taking the time (and mental energy) to delegate tasks to coworkers, employees, and contractors is one way to make sure you can spend more time with your family. As a working parent, it’s critical to realize that you can’t do everything yourself, and making the decision to delegate tasks where you can is important.

One way to devote more time to your family is to delegate tasks to a virtual assistant. By utilizing virtual assistant services, you can improve your response time for customer queries, experience better organization for your important documents, and streamline business processes. Virtual assistants are cost-effective, help you improve productivity, and can give you a boost because you now have the time to devote to other important tasks.

And when it comes to recruiting and hiring top talent for your business, consider outsourcing those tasks as well by tapping into the services of a recruiting agency. There are a few excellent options, such as Upwork, which has a dedicated team of recruiters working on your behalf to find people to fill the positions you need to be filled. This platform screens and tests potential employees before you get to the interview phase, just one huge time-saver that will benefit you as you staff your enterprise. What’s more, Upwork is 30-50 percent more affordable than traditional staffing agencies.

4. Take Care of Your Body (and Hair)!

A huge part of self-care is making sure your physical form is taken care of and seeing to it that you are exercising, eating the right food, and practicing good hygiene are all ways you can take care of your body. And why not afford yourself some affordable luxury with Iles Formula premium hair care products? Remembering that you have needs just as your children do is critical.

The key ingredients in Iles Formula luxury hair care products are raw and virgin. We work with harvests from around the world and then bring the ingredients to the next level of performance through the infusion of science and technology at the highest level. Results are immediate and spectacular. For hair that is tortured, dull, or damaged consider the Signature Collection a 3 step system of cleanse +repair + protect.  It comes beautifully boxed and is the DNA of Iles Formula and the reason the brand launched.  The anti-allergen White Tea Flower perfume is soft and delicate.


Iles Formula Signature Collection

For the busy parents who are always on the go, and don’t like to fuss consider taking care of your hair at the same time as your body with the Iles Formula Hair + Body Cleanse – it’s an all-in-one vitamin compounded formula that addresses all your needs whether it’s for your hair, scalp, or skin! The anti-allergen perfume alone of Bergamot flower and fruit, infused with Earl Grey tea will transport you to a very nice place… think the Mediterranean!top-4-strategies-for-working-parents-to-prioritize-self-care

The Iles Formula Hair + Body Cleanse

If you’re looking for a more luxurious time off for yourself, indulge in the Iles Formula Spa Pack. It has everything you need for an indulgent spa experience and nourished, strengthened hair as it is full of antioxidant-rich ingredients, vitamins, and FREE FROM sulfates, parabens, and silicones to ensure your hair gets the very best we have to offer. Check out our blog on The Ultimate Hair Spa At Home to learn more on how you can take a step back and do something special for yourself – there’s nothing better than your hair feeling soft and silky after a long day.


The Iles Formula Spa Pack

You’re Not Alone

As you’re figuring out which strategies will work the best for you and your situation, just remember: You’re not doing this by yourself. There are people out there in similar situations, and there are services that are ready to help you devote more time to your family while simultaneously increasing your success as a working person.


Article by Guest Writer: Carrie Spencer of thespencersadventures.net

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