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Top 6 Fall Hair Colors in 2019

Copper - coppery hair color - red hair color - fall color 2019Photo credit to @voguehair.dk on instagram

Just as the first autumn leaves turn golden, orange and red, I know that most of you are busy filling your closets with the new season’s fashions. As a glittering fashion icon among your friends and peers, it’s time to give your hair some ‘beautiful autumnal colors’ to match your fall fashion and be the soft and beautiful foil against which to present your best looks throughout the season.

While summer hair colors tended to be funkier and more energetic , the fall hair colors this year will be more subtle, classy and sophisticated, just like we love! Colors in season reflect those in nature, for example, some dark hair trends such as chocolate colors, caramel highlights, and a range of red hair colors (think autumn leaf colors).

However, fall hair colors are not always rich dark hair colors, interestingly enough this year 2019 shows a transition from summer to autumn. Read on to find out more!

Let’s check out the hair color ideas and see what fall hair colors are suitable for you.

  1. Caramel highlights

Caramel Highlights - hair color 2019 - fall color 2019 - female short hair - shoulder lenght hairPhoto credit to @voguehair.dk on Instagram


Caramel Highlights - hair color 2019 - fall color 2019 Photo credit to @shelby.beauty_ on Instagram

As this trend is based upon your natural hair color, simply adding caramel tones as if they have been sun kissed, it can look very sexy, making you appear as if you are dipped in the warm golden sunlight of fall to welcome the season! This trend is super flattering on everyone and has a low risk of failure as it does not require a drastic change, as it is based upon your natural hair color. It should simply bring out your natural beauty and you will appear trendy and on point with these flattering and festive tones. It is also worth noting that as you’re not coloring your hair from root to tip, the color process will be much less maintenance as regrowth will be less prominent.


  1. Brown hair with highlights

Brown hair with highlights - hair color 2019 - fall color 2019Photo by @niko_edwardsando via Instagram

Good news to natural brunette beauties! Just sporting a head of simply beautiful brown locks with highlights will make brunettes the trendiest style makers this season. Feel very free as to hues: from lighter, almost caramel honey tones (see trend 1!) to darker chocolate- and coffee-hued tones. You can also add a mix of subtle blonde and copper highlights that will deliver a kind of iridescent tone to the overall result.

Caramel Highlights - hair color 2019 - fall color 2019 - female short hair - shoulder lenght hairPhoto by @kim_brush_wilmington via Instagram

Apart from brown-tone hair colors, red-based colors have made a major comeback into the spotlight as strong contenders in the star fall hair colors. Let’s see what fresh takes are trending on red hair coloring ideas here.


  1. Mulled Wine

Burgundy-red hue on a dusky crimson makes red-toned hair look warmer and trendier for the winter. This stunning color on Rihanna is definitely a highlight of the fall hair colors.

Rihanna - mulled wine - red hair color - fall color 2019 - autumn hair colorPhoto credit to Essence.com

mulled wine - red hair color - fall color 2019Photo credit to @voguehair.dk on Instagram

mulled wine - red hair color - fall color 2019Photo by studiojsalonandspa via Instagram

  1. Coppery Hair Color

This bright and rich deep orange coppery hair color is so beautiful against the seasonally changing colors of fall. This rich and warm color will easily brighten up your winter looks in the dark, colder months and creates a beautiful contrast of color against your daily styles, especially against your dark warm coats.

Copper - coppery hair color - red hair color - fall color 2019Photo by christian_cartano via Instagram

Cross Seasons Hair Colors throughout 2019

As mentioned, there are some hair colors from the summer that are still trendy and relatively suitable for autumn. You can help your hair transition into the new season by simply applying a few touch ups. In this case, maintenance is key to show the best of your hair color and protect your hair against the changing conditions in these drier months.


  1. Mushroom brown hair color

One of the trendiest hair colors in 2019, Mushroom brown is very stylish and sophisticated – so much so that we think it is suited to all kinds of styles. Even though this color began in the summer, we can see the reason why this trend will continue well into fall 2019.

Mushroom toned hair color is a multi-dimensional color that comprises of different shades of brown and gray on a base of chocolate hair color. To create this earthy and semi-ashy hair color, it involves a series of lowlights and highlights on an ashy brown base hair color. The key is to keep the brown and blonde shades within cool to neutral.

mushroom brown - hair color of 2019 - fall color 2019Photo credit to @enter_hairdressers on Instagram

Beware that ashy hair color is prone to fade into a yellowish tone. In order to prevent the color from fading, you should use special care shampoo and conditioner that are anti-color-fading. We recommend you use Iles Formula Shampoo and Iles Formula Conditioner that are loved by professional hairstylists, hair colorists, and A-listers.

The award-winning Iles Formula Conditioner is Paraben-free and Phthalate-free, and Iles Formula Shampoo is Paraben-free + Sulfate-free + Silicon-free – they will instantly repair your hair from the first use and deliver the most spectacular silky hair you have ever had – providing you with the best surface to show off your new color.


  1. Creamy blonde

Creamy blond is “foggy” (i.e. not too shiny) more a cashmere lustre rather than a silky one.  With this highly versatile hair color, you can be a wild rock star, or a classy elegant girl depending on how you dress on any particular day, or transform from one to the other from day to night! Among all the dark hair colors and dark-toned winter fashions, creamy blonde is an easy yet unforgettable color to pair with different fashion styles.

Creamy blonder - hair color 2019 - fall color 2019                                                                   Photo credit to @voguehair.dk on Instagram

Creamy blonder - hair color 2019 - fall color 2019Photo credit to @hannahjo.hairco on Instagram

Creamy blonder - hair color 2019 - fall color 2019 - shoulder lenghtPhoto credit to @rezahairberlin on Instagram

Creamy blonder - hair color 2019 - fall color 2019 - short hair femalePhoto credit to @sebastianschoenfeld_hair on Instagram

While it’s always exciting to get a new look and a new hair color for each season, don’t forget to maintain the health and condition of your hair to its optimal state to truly show off your beautiful new color and style. Specially designed for the upkeep of the most gorgeous celebrities and runway hair around the world, the Iles Formula Spa Pack, containing Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, sulfate-free and silicone-free 3-step formula and a special product distribution comb, is an all-in-one intensive hair repair pack that includes all you need before and after a chemical treatment.

Hair Color hair care - hair mask - best shampoo conditioner hair mask and serum to repair dyed hair - hair color 2019 - fall color 2019Iles Formula Spa Pack – Click the above picture to see reviews and more details

To see more beautiful hair transformations and hairstyles and ideas for this fall, follow IlesFormula_Hair on Instagram and see the vast array of styles in tagged posts from our hair professionals from fans all around the world!


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