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Bangs; What they can do for you.

trendy bangs

Trendy Bangs – What they can do for you

Often my celebrity clients want a change of haircut without loosing their long locks. Usually, I opt for bangs as a quick answer and it always works. Changing your hairstyle can be stressful if you are not looking to make drastic cuts to your hair. For the woman that wants to maintain the length, but also spice up her look, a simple alteration to your bangs can be just the trick!

Here are some ideas to make your trendy bangs work for you no matter what style or length of hair…

Use a top knot with curved bangs to frame your face. The longer pieces of hair on the sides will showcase your trendy bangs and highlight your contours.

Here is an image of Alexa Chung when I did her hair for a Chanel photoshoot in Paris last year. The bangs fits her face perfectly and give a French touch to the French roll I created for the occasion. Opposite is a higher top knot also complimenting the silhouette of her broken up trendy bangs.

trendy bangs

Another of my celebrity clients who wears bangs perfectly is Marion Cottillard. If you’re feeling classy, be sure to try this French twist coupled with convertible bangs. Short bangs are my preferred look on Marion. Here you see all the different ways she has used them. This look is very youthful, while making your hair look glamorous, and oh so French.

trendy bangs

2015 has been the year of the braid. From headband braids to side braids, fishtail braids and sleek power braids – there are many options to choose from. Add some bangs to the equation and you’ll have a chic alteration to your style without cutting off your locks.

Add some tussle to your hair along with some fresh trendy bangs. Use Iles Formula Finishing Serum to add volume to the hair while scrunching it with your fingers to create a messy look. The fringe bang will create a more prominent frame around your hair, while the serum will keep your ruffled look lasting all day.

trendy bangs

Another classic and highly versatile technique is the ponytail/bangs combination. For every ponytail style (sleek, messy, tousled, high, side) there is a bang cut that fits the look. Whether it’s natural, flat-ironed or side-swept – the bangs work well to highlight your face.

The Pixie cut has also been a huge trend in the last few years. Be sure to add texture and volume to your pixie by introducing Iles Formula finishing serum to protect your colour and add texture.

The short and long bangs on short tapered cuts are wonderful on all ages. Even as short as Charlize Theron she finds an alternative brush back to her pixie bangs. Judi Dench wears her short bangs so gracefully, whereas Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan prefer longer bangs  adding a lot more scope for change to the short pixie.

trendy bangs

wendyiles-ilesformula-Michelle Williams-CareyMulligan

Love model Freija’s long bangs waved, looks so sweet.

trendy bangs

Last year Heidi Klum wanted a change without cutting off her length, so we cut an arched 70’s spirited bang and kept her long hair. We had so much fun with this hair cut. The longer sides gave us lots of versatility. They were long enough to add curl and wave, which allowed them to blend into the length if we needed, other times we accentuated them giving a touch of rock n roll. Her bangs were of length that could also be easily swept to the side if we needed them to disappear.

trendy bangsFor blunt bobs and long bobs – Blunt bobs are best with straight hair. Make this en-vogue look your own by pairing straightening spray with sharp edged bangs or slightly molding them underneath with a straightening iron.

trendy bangs

Katie Holmes never looked better than when she had her short bob and bangs. Notice how her bangs look chewed and feathered, a nice alternative to blunt bangs.

trendy bangs

And then there are false bangs for a “one off” change. Be sure to choose a perfect color match. These just clip in easily and off you go.

trendy bangs

There you have it! Now you’re equipped to freshen up your hair without making any substantial cuts. Trendy Bangs: your secret weapon.

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