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Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

The holidays are among us and it’s time to start planning your gift giving lists. We know this can sometimes be a challenge for some, so we wanted to share with you our Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017 that are sure to impress.

Don’t forget to take a look at our ilesformula shop, we decorated our gift boxes with beautiful Christmas sleeves.

Skin Care

For the beauty obsessed, skin care always makes for great gift ideas.  Oftentimes, good skincare can be more expensive, and your special someone may not want to invest in it or treat themselves to it.  Giving quality ingredient skin care is a nice gift with a spa inspired feel.  This will allow your special someone to indulge in the finest of skincare.  Have a peek at a couple of our favorites.

Made In Youthland, has a great philosophy and check out thier planet Youthland.

Same formula for a man or women?  How about this concept, they say sharing is caring – what if you could share your moisturizer with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Gender specific skincare is something that shouldn’t exist because the real truth is that we aren’t that different from each other when it comes to skin. They created skincare formulas that adapt to each one of us, understand our skin’s behavior and own life rhythms – a humanist brand that doesn’t split society but aims to create a great one.


Another great skincare gift option is Lisa Franklin Pro Effect Luminescent Base . This product makes the skin feel silky like Iles Formula makes the hair feel. It also mattify’s the skin, it can sometimes even be used instead of powder.

Lisa Franklin has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for her commitment to ensuring all our skincare is free of parabens, aluminum and petroleum, the use of entirely recyclable packaging and sourcing natural raw materials from sustainable ecosystems.


Iles Formula Christmas Boxes

Next up for our holiday gift ideas, is our very own gift set. The Iles Formula Christmas Spa Collection Box. The spa box is a new release for this holiday season, and we deliver it to you in a hand painted Christmas sleeve ready to offer to any woman who loves their hair.

The set has been developed to deliver nourishment, strength, and repair to all hair types. Selected raw ingredients infused with high technology deliver the most sumptuous infusion for hair and scalp without ever weighing the hair down. Inside, you will receive our Iles Formula Signature Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and our Conditioning Distribution Comb for the most indulgent  hair spa experience.

unique-holiday-gift-ideas-2017unique-holiday-gift-ideas-2017Shop Now


We also created for this special time of the year the Christmas Signature Collection Box. The box contains our 3 famous formulas that instantly repair all hair types. Our customer reviews are amazing :

“I love this packaging. I purchased the first box for a Christmas gift, as it had a wonderful hand painted motif on the sleeve, a bit pop art. I also purchased a discovery box for me to try. I ended up keeping the gift box,the products all 3 inside are amazing! My straw textured colored broken hair turned to silk on the first go! I’d give 10 stars if i could.”

“One of the best gifts I ever received. I’m now a client, I can not live without these formulas. They totally changed my hair from rough broken bits to what they say they do, hair that feels like silk.”

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017 |

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Harry Josh Pro Tools

Our favorite Harry Josh Pro Tools as an excellent gift option.  Top of the line hair tools are a must for women these days, and this collection of tools will put a smile on any woman’s face.  Choose from Hairdryers, Irons, brushes, clips and combs, or give the ultimate gift and buy the whole collection.

unique-holiday-gift-ideas-2017Dyson Hairdryer

If you are a woman, you either already own a Dyson Hairdryer, or it’s without a doubt part of your wish list.  We can’t tell you how often we hear, “Is the Dyson Hairdryer really worth it?”  The answer is yes.  Besides the size being small and compact, the dryer has a lot going for it.  Don’t let the size fool you because this dryer packs a punch.  It comes with a nozzle and diffuser attachment for versatility in styling.  If you are in search of a great gift to give someone, then this is it.  The investment is $399.99 and you can learn more about all of the features and benefits of the dryer by visiting the Dyson website.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

Hair Accessories

Another of our favorite Holiday Gift Ideas are these beautiful artistic hair accessories.  We are sharing with you two different designers whose accessories are the perfect gift for any hair obsessed woman.

Sylvain Le Hen is the first designer and these accessories can be found at Hair Design Access.  What we love about these is that each is like an individual work of art.  What a beautiful gift and a great way to decorate any hairstyle with elegance and functionality.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

The second Hair Accessories gift idea is by Forge Hair.  At Forge, each piece has been expertly crafted by hand, in America with superior materials and thoughtfulness. You will notice its weight, texture and elegance.  These are pieces that will be passed down from generation to generation as a coveted heirloom.  Here are some of our favorites but be sure to check out their site to see more.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

Heidi Klum Intimates

Our next gift option is a little more personal.  Clearly you wouldn’t buy this for your boss or friend, but it’s a very personal gift for that special someone, or even for yourself.  Intimates by Heidi Klum has many beautiful selections that make a perfect gift.  Pictured is one of Heidi Klum Intimates in the color Rhododendron. One of Heidi’s favorite collections, let the uniqueness of this beautiful lace hold you spell bound.  When is a better time than Christmas than to wear Rhododendron or bordeau coloured  lingerie?


Nothing beats a great T-Shirt and that is why this line from Rotten Roach is part of our gift ideas.  Melissa Montgomery is part of the mastermind behind these must haves.  Rotten Roach was founded in 2012 by two friends who had a love for wearing t shirts wherever they went, be it the gym or a black tie event . They also loved art and the idea that the tshirt was your own canvas.  A chance meeting with artist Hugo Guinness who creates all the artwork for the line and Rotten Roach was born.

Giftideas-ilesformulaJourna;With all of these incredible Holiday Gift Ideas, you certainly can’t go wrong.  Which ones will you choose for your special someone?  Let us know in the comments below.

From all of us, to all of you, we want to wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season.


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