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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

Wondering what to offer that special person on that special day  Feb 14 Valentine’s Day?

There is no gift more personal and caring, than offering someone sumptuous, luscious, nurtured hair. We wake daily to love letters and phenomenal reviews from customers from around the world, about how much they love the transformation of their hair after using the Iles Formula Signature Collection. Reviews are our testimony.

These award-winning formulas are exquisitely and luxuriously boxed, making the most perfect gift of love.

Read on for Iles Formula’s Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022!

1. Iles Formula Signature Collection


The first on our list is our bestseller – the Iles Formula Signature Collection. This pack makes the top of our list for good reason, we have included all the essentials that one would need to transform hair into a soft sumptuous nurtured state from the very first use!

This luxurious box contains award-winning sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicon-free Iles Formula Shampoo. Formulated for all hair types. Known as a colorist’s best friend, this shampoo is as marvelous on infants as it is for senior ladies and gents. All ages, all hair types. The more damaged the more phenomenal the results.

The Iles Formula Conditioner is the jewel of our brand with a benchmark performance in repairing and nurturing hair. This formula works like no other in that it does not coat the hair to repair. Instead, it shuts down the cuticle instantly without leaving behind any residue. It’s the best way to instantly repair hair without ever weighing the hair down – something only Iles Formula excels in.

The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is the best protector one can have against heated tools, UV, and humidity. It also has the power, if heat activated with a dryer, to transform thin, fine hair to feel organically thicker.

This Signature Collection is perfect for all genders, ages and hair types –

2. The Hair + Body Cleanse

This is our latest formula launched last summer, has proven a great favorite amongst men and families. We created a new signature perfume for this, made up from the fruit and flower of the Bergamot and laced with whiffs of Earl Grey Tea. If you know the Iles Formula soft, sumptuous hair experience, you can just imagine the skin feeling the same way!

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3. The Iles Formula Spa Pack


Next up, we are spreading the love with our Iles Formula Spa Pack. You must be wondering what makes this kit so great! Like the pack’s name, you can indulge in a complete hair spa. The Spa pack features our Hair Mask for sheer indulgence, to be applied to your hair and scalp between our shampoo and conditioner also featured in the pack.

In just 15 minutes, your hair will be receiving our cocktail of raw virgin ingredients infused with vitamins to deliver sheer nurture.  It’s finally time to take a break and relax for this year’s Valentine’s Day and let Iles Formula take care of you or your loved one.

We have sourced high-quality ingredients rich in antioxidants including active vegetal root juices, vitamin B5, and pantothenic acid. They deeply penetrate one’s precious strands down to the shaft to deliver nutrients and moisture that it craves, effectively aiding in restoring split ends, completely rejuvenating hair. After just one spa treatment, one will feel the goodness in the bounce and lustre that we promise right away!

4. Iles Formula Twillies


What better to go with newly refreshed and nourished hair than a limited-edition, beautiful accessory? Made with love, we present the Iles Formula Twillies – PASSIONNÉE, DISTINGUÉE, FRIVOLE. From our collaboration with Noémie Lacroix, a French artist based at the Parisian, Spaceless Gallery, our collection offers 3 different styles that you can choose from.

Handcrafted from 100% silk, one can wear it as a hairband, hair tie, around the neck or wrist, or even tie it on one’s handbag. As you can see, the possibilities are endless! Impress your loved ones with a gift to elevate their impeccable style.

All you have left to do is to add your valentine’s card. We’re in the business of repairing damaged hair and making your hair feel complete rejuvenation. We truly hope that our ideas can give you some serious hair inspiration!

Share the love with  Instagram @ilesformula_hair and  #IlesFormula for a chance to get featured! Here’s to another year together.

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