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Vogue Japan

I knew this was going to be a good session when Paris stylist Sabino Pantone called to ask me to shoot Japanese Vogue with him.

He hand picked a team that included a fairly new photographer to the scene, Toby Knott who is son of British Vogue’s Lucinda Chambers ,and a beauty team I love working alongside, Houda Remitta on makeup and Christina Conrad on nails.

It was a  couture editorial featuring all Armani gowns.

Sabino’s wish was a hairdo that touched on a revised 30’s look, like finger waves but it had to be modern.

I found the above images as a mood reference and waited to see our model  Hane Gaby Odiele in person.

As soon I saw her beauty I decided to create a very small head, simple in style, almost boyish and to add just a finger wave to the front with a floating end for a touch of poetry. I also polished her hair to give a similar velour glow as the gowns she wore.

Here are 2 images out this week from the December issue of Vogue Japan . To see the whole story visit my Facebook or better buy the magazine.

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