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Wedding Hair……Soft, modern, young and fresh.

Keep it soft and natural

wedding hairstyle

Your Wedding Hairstyle is quite possibly one of the most important details after the choice of the big white dress; in some cases it may be the choice that will dictate the neckline of your wedding gown. Up versus down, what’s your preference on your big day?  We all know what it is to have a good hair day and a bad one. On this special day it has to be a good hair day, right?

The secret is to keep your hair modern and fresh. “Easy” hair is always more youthful. Just ask any man; he would always prefer fresh and natural hair to a stiff “Do”!

Three things to do in advance:

1) Find images of wedding hairstyle you like. A photo speaks a thousand words; so if you are visiting a salon on your wedding day, show your stylist those photos.

2) It is always a good idea to do a rehearsal, so book your favorite salon and do a test-run.

3) Check your hair condition. If ends needing trimming do this 3 weeks in advance of your wedding, so you won’t be disappointed about the length on your wedding day. Also, check the color, retouch and condition your hair to have it healthy, supple, and shiny on the big day. My choice of conditioning for all hair types is of course IlesFormula shampoo, conditioner and finishing serum. Nothing will bring your hair to a spun silk texture better than these 3 formulas and the results are instant!

Here are some of my preferred looks for a summer wedding. Remember to keep it soft, without too much structure or hairspray, instead count on well-conditioned supple hair. Be sure to communicate this to your hairdresser or you may end up lacquered to death!

I hope this helps inspire you. Garlands of flowers whether fresh or fake are very “in” with this seasons bohemian fashion looks. Veils can also be easily attached.

Enjoy your day. My wedding day remains one of the most memorable days for me. Every little detail was how I imagined it would be. The memory that lingers was worth all that work and planning and Iles Formula can help you make it a perfect hair day.

Garlands on soft waves – Wedding hairstyle

wedding hairstyle

Easy spontaneous up ‘do’s – Wedding hairstyle


wedding hairstyle

Structed do’s – Wedding Hairstyle


wedding hairstyle

The Classic Chignon – Wedding Hairstyle

wedding hairstyle

Waves & braids on short hair – Wedding Hairstyle

wedding hairstyle

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