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How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart’s Sumptuous Blow-dry

When it comes to Red Capet ready hair that is full of volume and curl, our founder Wendy Iles definitely has this mastered.  We managed to pull her aside from her busy schedule to have her share with us her personal secrets for creating the most beautiful blowout you will ever see.  Bouncy, shiny and full of volume is what you will take away when you apply these techniques to your at home style.  Don’t worry ladies, its easy enough that you can totally do this at home.

If your want to learn How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart’s Sumptuous Blow-dry, then stay with us, because we are sharing with you Wendy’s secrets straight from her to you.


Wendy Iles Izabel Goulart Sumptuous Blow-dry

Photo:  Izabel Goulart


The Blowout

There are two parts to a successful blowout and/or style.  First is the actual blow-dry technique itself, and second is the curling and setting process.  You don’t necessarily have to curl and then set, you can go straight from the blow-dry to setting the hair but keep in mind, when you curl and set the hair you are adding an extra layer of strength and longevity to the style.  Lets first speak about the steps for How Wendy Achieved Isabel Goulart’s Sumptuous Blow-dry.

1/. Preparation is key.  Begin by cleansing and conditioning the hair.  Wendy loves our Iles Formula Shampoo & Conditioner as it sets the hair up for success.  After getting out of the shower, apply our Iles Formula Finishing Serum from mid lengths to the ends of your hair.  This is the only product Wendy uses on set.  It’s a heat protector and really brings out the shine in the hair.  Wendy’s tip:  Don’t over do it with the products, the more products you use, the less the hair will obey.

How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry


2/. Once you have finished prepping the hair, begin to remove the majority of moisture by power drying the hair.  Do so with the airflow pointing down to avoid roughing up the cuticle.  Wendy users her Dyson Supersonic Dryer for drying the hair.


How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry


3/. To begin the blow-dry style, you will need clips and a round brush.  For this style, Wendy prefers to use a medium round brush instead of a large one, as it will create more bend and curl than a larger round brush will.  Therefore, this is how you will achieve the bouncier and more voluminous blow out.


How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry


How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry

4/.  While round brushing, utilize your clips to section off your hair, this will allow clean sections and make the process much easier for you.


How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry

Photo:  Popsugar Australia


5/. Begin round brushing and drying each section, and be sure to keep the nozzle of the dryer touching the brush and letting it follow the brush all the way to the ends of the hair.  Repeat until the entire section is dry.

6/. Clip each section vertically to allow the hair to “cook” and do not remove until the hair has completely cooled.

How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry


7/. After the entire blowout is complete, if you would like to ensure a longer hold and stronger curl pattern, Wendy recommends taking a larger tong to the hair vertically and then clipping the hair back into place just as you did above for the blow-dry.  Remember, this is the “cook” time, so you don’t want to let it down before it has cooled completely or you may loose the strength of the hold.  The iron of choice for Wendy is by Harry Josh.

How Wendy Achieved Izabel Goulart's Sumptuous Blow-dry

8/. The curls are clipped vertically, 3 to a side, winding the section away from the face and towards the center back of the head.  Once the hair has cooled, voila, drop the clips and watch your hair come to life! Want to see how its done?  Below is a video of Wendy demonstrating the process.


Seem like a little bit of a process for you?  Remember, you can skip the tonging part, and just follow the same clipping step after each section has been round brushed.  However, although this will take some time, and some of us really prefer a quickie when it comes to getting ready, there is good news. At night before bed, you can re clip the hair back up, and when you wake drop the clips and it will preserve the style for you for another day or two.  So the upfront time investment will pay off day 2 and 3.

Have you tried this technique before?  Let us know in the comments below.  Don’t forget to tag us in your hair selfie’s on social media @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula.  We love to see your check ins!

Until Next Time…

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