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Wendy Iles’ Hair Tips – How To Tame Curl & Control Frizz In 5 Easy Steps

The nightmare of all owners of curly hair … I know as I’m one of them, so I speak from experience.

If your hair is very curly and you like to wear it curly without it frizzing, as in my case when I leave my hair to dry naturally, I use the following technique.

1- Shampoo and condition, then comb hair through while conditioner is on then rinse lightly.

2- Remove excess moisture by kneading the hair in a towel not to disturb the curl too much.

3- Take kerastase masque nutri thermique – the consistency is good. (That’s the white and apricot pot, the others are too heavy). Just note that a too thick masque will weigh the hair down and a too light one will not control the curl. Comb your hair – from roots to ends.

4- This product is a masque that is meant to be rinsed but WENDY ILES’ Top secret is to use this as a mousse and not rinse it out, leave it in. Over a period of time your hair will also become very healthy as it’s always conditioned.

5- Allow your hair to dry naturally and never brush it. If you must touch the hair, use your fingers only. Check out my hair dried this way on my bio page.

If you have further questions, you can contact me on this page.

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