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Wendy Iles’ Hair Tips – Let’s Speak Texture


Wendy Iles' Hair Tips - Let's Speak Texture | Short messy celebrity hairstyles1 e1402761012561

How-to get textured hair … Here is a list of my favorite products to achieve the above look. What’s great about Scarlett Johansson’s hair is the dry “slept in” texture. The perfect products to achieve this look are Bumble and Bumble sea salt spray, mixed with a bit of  Schwarzkopf texture dust on the crown to give that puffed up slept in volume.


Wendy Iles' Hair Tips - Let's Speak Texture | favorite celebrity hairstyles 5

The product I like most to define layers and tips – as Jennifer Aniston’s hair for example – is  Nigelle mat scrunch  which is a mousse that I place on already dried hair. Apply piece by piece with the fingers. Let it dry in by itself and don’t brush or comb.


Wendy Iles' Hair Tips - Let's Speak Texture | Screen Shot 2014 06 14 at 11.39.241 e1402760954442

To achieve this look I would use no product at all other than a good shampoo and conditioner. I like a lot Number 4. Leave a little bit of conditioner on the hair ends. I find that most mousses make the hair stiff and scrunchy, and the beauty of this style is its softness.


Wendy Iles' Hair Tips - Let's Speak Texture | michelle williams celebrity textured short haircut beautiful hair looks1 e1402761248264

To get Michelle Williams’ texture, use a wax or cream type pomade. My favorites are Label M texture wax stick or KMS Hair Play.

Try these tips and give me some feed back and also share with me your favorite product.  All  questions are welcome.

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