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Wendy Iles’ Haircare Tips for Healthy and Lustrous Hair in 2022

Glam outfit, beautiful make-up, sparkling jewelry…everything might be perfect, except for our hair. Having good hair can make a world of difference.  

Oily hair can ruin our entire appearance, messy hair can make us look disorganized… hair matters a lot!

Nonetheless, however much we wish we could wake up with a good hair day every day, maintaining gorgeous hair takes structured effort. This journal offers you tips and tricks that you can use to ensure your hair’s optimal health in 2022. 

Give your hair adequate moisture 

Regardless of your hair type, whether it’s fine or rough, smooth or coarse, hydration is always key. 

Water is essential for hair cells to maintain their elasticity and integrity. 

When your scalp does not produce sufficient natural oils, or when natural oils cannot travel to your hair tips, your hair may appear drier than usual. This can cause your hair to turn brittle and weak. It might even result in hair thinning and hair loss if left untreated.  

Hair masks can be used to give your scalp and hair long-lasting hydration.  


Image source from Iles Formula user @reza.hair

The Iles Formula Hair Mask presents a lavish blend of raw ingredients and nutritional vitamins, giving your scalp our celebrity-level love and care.  


Iles Formula Hair Mask 

Managing stress is essential  

Stress causes hair shedding. And seeing balding spots on our heads makes us more stressed. So let us get to the root cause of the problem and prioritize stress management.  Added note that Covid 19 Pandemic has been related to hair loss, first signs becoming evident around 6 months after being diagnosed  Covid positive.

First, do not be too harsh on yourself. Our brain tends to catastrophize and throw at us the worst possible scenarios we can imagine when something slightly wrong happens. In this circumstance, we can take a step back and reevaluate the situation to see if it really deserves the amount of worry that we are assigning to the circumstance. 

Second, we might choose methods of de-stress that have conventionally proven to be effective.  

Science has shown that meditation increases the grey matter in our brain, enhancing our empathy, patience, cognitive skills, and our abilities to reduce negative emotions in pressurizing situations.  

In addition, wholesome activities such as yoga and slow dancing have also been recognized to relax oneself and improve one’s sleep quality.  

Finally, it never hurts to drink more water.   


Image source from Iles Formula Pinterest board 

And yes – using the right hair care products matters 

A lot of our hair problems can be solved by selecting the proper products.  

For example, if your scalp suffers from seborrheic dermatitis, choosing a shampoo that contains selenium sulfide will help. And if you are struggling with an itchy scalp, it will be beneficial to pick a gentle shampoo that carefully removes dirt and dandruff for you without over-stimulating your scalp. 

We take pride in our Iles Formula Shampoo. Created for all hair types, this award-winning formula is made with effective, exclusive, rich, and detoxing ingredients, without any harm from paraben, sulfate, and silicone.  


Iles Formula Shampoo 

If your hair is prone to entanglement and breakage, simply brushing your hair with brute force will not only cause you frustration but also further damage your hair. In this case, gently detangling your hair is a much better solution.  

Having been tested upon some of the most prestigious celebrities and having passed the scrutiny of countless photographers and directors, the Iles Formula Conditioner prides itself on instantly closing the hair outer cuticle without ever depositing harmful buildups like keratin, protein, or any scientific blend that will eventually break hair. This product quickly removes hair tangles and knots – without ever weighing hair down, creating alluring cascading hair while leaving a delicate white floral scent.

Wendy Iles' Haircare Tips for Healthy and Lustrous Hair in 2022 | Haute performance Conditioner 1 1Iles Formula Conditioner 

Dietary supplements can provide the nutrients you need 

Studies have shown that only 10% of Americans consume an adequate number of vegetables and fruits. Consuming vitamin drips or vitamin capsules can be a simple and efficient way to give your hair the nutrients it needs. 

Vitamin A is important for the growth of all our cells. Besides, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, Iron, and other vitamins all play a crucial part in our hair’s healthy growth and in fending off free radicals in the environment.  

Are you ready to exercise these tips in 2022? Do not forget to tag us with @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula on your social media to share your haircare hacks! 


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