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Hair Tips: How To Do The Fashion Week

Hair Tips: How To Do The Fashion Week | Screen Shot 2014 09 26 at 14.00.36 e1411765986601

Fashion week has certainly proven that braids are back in ! My favorite hair show this season was that of #Orlando for the #GiambattistaValli’s new line #Giamba from #MilanFashionWeek.

This a great way to dress up long hair. It’s quite tricky to do, but a few of my guidelines will help you :

1/ Dampen the hair as this will make the execution easier

2/ Section out a 1 inch strip through your part line

3/ To make the braiding easier tie all the other hair away in a low ponytail at the back. Leave out 2 small sections behind each ear. If you want a nice texture in the hair, try plaiting the hair and let it sit while doing your center braid.

4/ Start doing your center braid starting at the crown and move forward. Once at the front hairline, split them in 2 bunches dragging each bunch along the hairline down over and behind the ear and attach together with the pieces you sectioned out by using a small invisible band. This little anchor tail will be hidden by all the long hair, its purpose is to keep the braid tight and in place. Good small bands are those small elastics we buy for teeth braces.

5/ remove the ponytail and braid from the rest of the hair. If hair is still damp, that’s ok, the braid will have made an impression in the hair and it should dry quite nicely. Don’t brush the hair only use a large comb or your fingers not to loose the texture the plait has given.

Send me photos of your work @ileswendy on twitter. I’d love to see your results. Have fun !

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