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Wendy’s Interview by STRIKE Magazin

Professional Hair Care Tips & Tricks – Interview with Wendy Iles

STRIKE Magazin, based in Germany, recently interviewed our co-Founder Wendy Iles. Amongst great tips, this article shows you true and honest images of before and after treatments of Iles Formula, providing INSTANT repair for ALL hair types.

For our German readers, you can click here to find the ORIGINAL article in German.

“The feared hair-styling at GNTM definitely belongs to the STRIKE magazine highlights. Although the drama is always huge, even the sharpest critic has to admit that the hair is always better after the hairstyle update. Responsible for the cool looks is the world-renowned Hairstylist Wendy Iles. The Koryphäe is not only Heidi Klum’s personal Hairstylist but also the favorite of the Hollywood Crème de la Crème and international celebrities such as Marion Cotillard, Cate Blanchett or Elton John.

STRIKE magazine met Wendy Iles on the occasion of the launch of the new Haarmaske from Wendy Ile’s own hair care line Formula Iles. Because the popular 123 system of Formula Iles was expanded by an intensive care Haarmaske, which our chief editor could exclusively test for STRIKE magazin. The native Australian woman received us in the Berlin hair salon of Said Rubali. Dressed in a sophisticated dark suit with pinstripes and stylish sneakers, Wendy Iles proudly presented her own high performance hair care series, Formula Iles, which really works wonders even with extremely damaged hair. The best proof is our photo before the treatment and after the hair care with Wendy Iles products from the Formula Iles series,

Of course, STRIKE took advantage of this opportunity to get a secret hair styling tricks and care secrets from the Hairstyling Queen Wendy Iles for perfect hair around the clock.
Our STRIKE magazine chief editor was spoiled not only with the innovative care products from Wendy Ile’s exclusive hair product line Iles Formula, but also enjoyed the magic of the world-famous Hairstylist. The result? Of course the perfect Wendy Iles signature look: a very feminine, elegant step style with a lot of volume and above all a silky shine.

STRIKE magazine: What motivated you to create Iles Formula?
Wendy Iles .: I style many celebrities and work a lot on film sets. This is why I see almost daily stressed and damaged hair. I started creating my own care formulas because no product convinced me in its effect. From this Ile’s formula came into being.

STRIKE magazine: The biggest mistake in washing your hair?
Wendy Iles .: The greatest hair care error is not to incorporate the conditioner with a comb. As a result, the conditioner can not be completely distributed in the hair and its effect unfolded throughout the hair.

STRIKE magazine: Why is it advisable to use the conditioner after the hair mask?
Wendy Iles .: Conditioner and mask work differently on the hair. The mask repairs the hair from within, nourishes and nourishes the inner hair structure. The conditioner, on the other hand, regenerates damage to the outer surface of the hair shaft, such as frizz or split ends. In order to introduce the active ingredients optimally into the hair, the mask is first applied. When the hair is subsequently treated with the conditioner, the hair rinse closes the care products into the interior of the hair strands and simultaneously smoothes the hair surface.

STRIKE magazine: How often should I use the Iles Formula hair mask?
Wendy Iles: For heavily strained hair, the mask should be applied once a week. Otherwise it is enough to maintain the hair once a month with the Iles Formula mask.

STRIKE magazine: The biggest mistake in hairstyling?
Wendy Iles .: The biggest mistake in styling the hair is the use of too many styling products. Hairspray or mousse, for example, blocks the natural memory effect of the hair. Finishing serums, like the one from Iles Formula, fix the styling without the hair and create a natural, long-lasting styling.

STRIKE magazine: Your secret trick for a glossy finish?
Wendy Iles .: A few drops of the Iles Formula Finishing serum into the dry hair strung in the lengths and tips incorporate. Then strip the rest in the palm of the hand over the top coat and style it. The finishing serum protects the hair not only from environmental influences or sun but also conjures a silky radiance to the hair. In addition, you can refresh the look with the finishing serum the problem again and again.

STRIKE magazine: Your secret trick for voluminous hair?
Wendy Iles .: The 123 system of Iles Formula builds up the hair and makes it fuller as well as more voluminous. In addition to the blow-drying, first, Kopfüber helps to blow the hairline against the hair structure with little heat and then blow as usual as well as style.

The hair care products from Wendy Iles Pflegelinie Formula Iles can be ordered here online via Wendy Iles Onlineshop.”

Editor: Marie Pankonin, Nina Ilnseher | Photos: STRIKE magazine


Thank you Marie and Nina for this nice article!

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