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Wendy’s scissors

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On this perfect autumn Sunday, misty and colorful, I’m sitting near my chimney with a crackling fire and wondering what I should write to you about this week? Would it be the breathtakingly beautiful shoot with #DorothéeGilbert, the french star ballerina, or why I missed  a job with #VictoriaBeckham in Las Vegas, or perhaps the very creative fashion shooting I did?  As I’m wondering, my eyes get caught up by this photograph hanging on my wall and I realize that I haven’t yet told you about my friend #CrenaWatson .

Never mind for these other stories, they will be featured in time once the work is published.

One of the pros of this business is collecting photographs. This piece of art work featured above is by Crena. If you look closely, it’s hair taken from a haircut I did, that she collected and cleverly added to one of her archive photographs to create this image that I just adore. It makes me think of Bjork somehow.

When I first moved to Europe I worked frequently with Crena. I appreciate very much her talent and her dry sense of wonderful English humor. Here is an example  “Mothers Little Helper

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