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What Happened with Hair Trends of 2020?

What Happened with Hair Trends of 2020? Let’s delve into what hair trends evolved during 2020!

2020 is interesting as it’s the first year we’ve had no runway shows to inspire us and no travels either. We were locked away most of the year in home confinement, living and working from home. Still, many of us, until today have continued working from our home space.  So what does this do? It breaks every routine we have outside of the home.

Here is what we learned from our customers and clients. Do you remember? Most hairdressing and beauty salons have been closed for long periods in 2020. This provoked major changes in beauty routines, from nails to makeup, skincare, and especially hair.

Those who have worn short hair most of their life, have discovered that they are enjoying more length to their hair and have opted for longer styles. Healthy hair is of the greatest importance here, as it’s part of the indulgence of being embraced within your luscious soft hair.


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest (hairstyles)

Those who no longer could have their 4 weekly color touch-ups will have started to notice just how grey their hair actually is! Shocking at first but after 3 months in confinement and a large regrowth, decisions were being made to embrace the white hair!

Rather than coloring the roots when salon doors opened, many ran to remove the old color they had and have embraced white hair wholeheartedly. For example, removing old color by stripping it away or cutting it off!


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest (Grey Hair)

Then, there are others like myself that discovered their natural wave was in fact an excellent option after years of straightening or blow-drying the curls away.

In the case of Nicole Kidman, we adore that she has re-embraced not only her natural curls but also her natural titian color and moved away from blonde.

We are creatures of habit you see, so when such an interruption occurred like the COVID-19 lockdown, we were forced to break routines and accept things differently. In many cases, we are pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest (curls)

Companies like our own exploded in growth because of our minimalist range of formulas and their high-performing hair nurture. Most people during home confinement were craving “nurture” at some point. The feeling of soft nurtured repaired hair in its natural state was the trend in 2020. That won’t go away in a hurry. Colors became more natural. Many have also started embracing their natural curls and waves as well. Organic nurtured soft and healthy hair was definitely the trend in 2020.

Share with us your story on how your hair routine has changed by tagging us in posts @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula!


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