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What in the World Happened to Our Hair?

What in the World Happened to Our Hair? | 36dc3b35744cc754ba7c49e8a2eee088

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Social unrests raging across the United States. Home confinement. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving away from the royal family. That’s not even half of what happened in 2020. While these major events seized all the news headlines, they still only scrape the surface. Not to mention, our own personal lives!

How have you been holding up with arguably the biggest disaster of all, COVID-19? The pandemic has the planet in its clutches and unfortunately put everyone’s normal routines to a halt. 2020 has officially been “cancelled”. What will happen this year?

All this stress and uncertainty accumulates and traumatizes our system. Weird things can sometimes happen to our bodies during periods of shock that we are not used to or have never seen before. For some of us, one of the problems may be that we have noticed more hair shedding than normal. Read on for: What in the World Happened to Our Hair?


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest

While it may be very concerning to see large amounts of our hair on the ground, we are here to tell you that there is no need to panic! Rest assured, this problem is only temporary. The medical term for this temporary hair shedding is known as telogen effluvium – you might also know it as hair loss. In order to understand what this is, we must first understand the hair cycle.

The three phases of the hair cycle are:

  1. Growth phase, also known as anagen
  2. Traditional phase, also known as catagen, and
  3. Resting phase, also known as telogen


The Solution?

Luckily for those of you who are concerned about hair loss, we have developed a special product rich with raw virgin ingredients that your hair craves. The vitamin infused Iles Formula Hair Mask can be applied all over your scalp and throughout your beautiful strands, left to work its nourishing magic for approximately 15 minutes. This mask is so packed with nutrients that you could even use it for skincare! For the absolute best results in the long run, we recommend using this between the Iles Formula Shampoo and the Iles Formula Conditioner!



What in the World Happened to Our Hair? | Haute performance Hair Mask 2

Iles Formula Hair Mask

If the root of your hair shedding problem is related to stress, some good ways to manage this and see your hair heal can be through fitness and improving your diet. Especially nowadays it can be even easier to fall into a sedimentary lifestyle and adopting a poor diet. With hair loss, our human body is just trying to give us a message!

What in the World Happened to Our Hair? | bb4a13b9dfa7c2e0919752e16719d7b6

Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest

One of the nutrients that we should try to focus on is protein in our diet. Lysine, an essential amino acid that our body does not produce, is a crucial component of protein and we must obtain it through what we eat. Protein and the lysine within may be an important factor to the growth of our precious strands. Some examples of foods that are high in protein include eggs, almonds, oats, and red meat.

If the underlying issue of hair loss stems from an illness or a fever, the hair usually goes back to normal by itself. All we can do at this point is give it some time to do its thing! If you suspect that what you are experiencing is more than simply telogen effluvium from illness or stress, it may be time for you to contact a dermatologist, an expert in hair loss.


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