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Why do Iles Formula Products Smell So Good?

Pleasant, indulging, and even alluring, the unique scent from our products have raised many of our customers’ curiosity.  

If you have followed us for a while, you might know of our secret ingredient – the signature White Tea Flower that gives a sensual, delicate, and exotic appeal.  

why-do-iles-formula-products-smell-greatImage sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board  of Iles Formula user and florist @kasiachin

White Tea Flower 

Camellia sinensis is the tea tree that produces white tea. The timing of the harvest makes all the difference in the quality of the tea. White tea is made from the flower buds of the plant once a year in spring. White tea contains no caffeine, and it is usually more expensive than black or green tea. 

White Tea Flower as an ingredient smells less sweet, but more refreshing and rejuvenating. 


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board 

Why Does Scent Matter for Haircare Products? 

Scents affect human emotions. A person visiting their grandma’s house every holiday would associate the smell of fresh-baked bread with positive emotions. 

The path of the olfactory experience through the body is usually the same. The so-called olfactory neuron is activated when the scent of roses hits a receptor that is only polarized to this particular scent. This impulse travels to the limbic system which is the emotional part of your brain and on to your memory. 

We crafted our products to be well-scented so you would have a pleasant haircare and body care experience.  

Magical scent on your hair 

The fragrance ingrained in Iles Formula products was inspired by the French way of wearing perfume, enveloping the scent into the products when the temperature is still warm.  

Our perfumes embrace grace and delicacy. Our scents are gentle and do not overpower one’s senses. In addition, this perfume is 100% natural and non-allergenic. It will engulf the hair while it is warm, and then disappear when it cools. The smell of our products is not intended to interfere with your perfume choice but rather designed to fully immerse you into a luxurious showering experience. The scent of white tea flower will return to your hair when your hair is exposed to the sun or any heat-styling tools, even as you sleep at night the warmth of your head on a pillow will have our perfume lingering around you, reminding you, we are close by.

Why do Iles Formula Products Smell So Good? | Screenshot 2022 03 27 at 13.02.23 e1648346614287

Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board 

Our Greatly Scented Products 

Even the most damaged hair can be restored and revitalized instantly with our Conditioner. After one wash, your hair is left with a beautiful and healthy texture. Our product uses silk from Japan, generating a voluptuous effect on hair. Our technology instantly closes the hair cuticles, without ever depositing residue and creating a smooth and luxurious surface. It is so powerful that hair suffering from breakage will stop breaking from the first usage.

why-do-iles-formula-products-smell-greatImage sourced from Iles Formula Conditioner  

If you are looking for an all-round experience with our larger range of products, do not forget to check out our Signature Collection also where you can try our Shampoo and Conditioner, combined with our magical Finishing Serum. 

why-do-iles-formula-products-smell-greatImage sourced from Iles Formula Signature Collection  


Want to know more about our Signature perfume? Read on

All You Need to Know About the Perfume in Our Iles Formulas


What is your favorite product scent? Do not forget to tag us with @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula on your social media to share your haircare tips! 

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