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Why The Right Hair Mask Will Make You Love Your Hair Again!

Have you ever wished there was a magic wand you could wave around your hair and instantly transform it into soft and luscious locks?

why-the-right-hair-mask-will-make-you-love-your-hair-againImage sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board

While we may not have a magic wand exactly, a hair transformation is possible. It comes in the form of natural conditioning ingredients that can give your hair that much-needed glow-up! Hair masks are a sure fix for those suffering from dry, brittle, and frizzy hair by reintroducing ultimate hydration, moisture, and damage control.

For most of us living in hot and dry regions, summer tends to have an even more damaging impact as the UV rays, humidity, and free radicals are pretty strong. So, in this blog, we’re going to make you fall in love again… with your hair! Read on to see how the right hair mask can win you over.

Do Hair Masks Make a Difference?

Absolutely! To most people, it may seem like a non-essential treatment to include in a hair routine. Unless you have been born with long, gorgeous silk-like hair that never seems to lose its luster (aka lucky ones!), you must ensure that your hair and its growth are closely well-looked after. Don’t be confused between the action of a hair mask and conditioner.  They both have separate functions, a mask adds moisture and nurture to the hair shaft and a conditioner like Iles Formula seals it in.  Ideally, they should be used together.

With so many choices of hair masks available, the idea of researching to find the perfect match can be overwhelming. That is why we encourage you to narrow down your search to only review natural solutions that avoid harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, and silicones to prevent a buildup of unwanted oils and particles.

The Iles Formula Hair Mask is a powerful yet deep formulation that strengthens and nourishes ALL hair types. In addition, its lightweight texture is a sumptuous cocktail that invigorates both the hair and scalp. As we mentioned earlier, you should avoid a mask that weighs your hair down, and this one does the total opposite. The Tucuma butter and Pracaxia extracts in this formula infuse the hair with volume and body, with the added benefit of having your hair radiate the delicate, heavenly scent of fresh white flowers.


Iles Formula Hair Mask

How Often Should I Apply the Hair Mask? Indulge in the hands of top professionals.

As often as time allows! We know that many of you are extremely busy and usually don’t get around to applying a hair mask during the week. However, if you don’t take action on a regular basis, your locks are becoming more dehydrated with no repair, and as a result, we experience lackluster hair. Although there are no set rules on the frequency of use, we recommend a minimum of at least one application per week.

Quick Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Hair Mask:

The application process is essential for getting the best results – we can’t stress this enough! If you are applying the mask in a scattered manner along the strands of your hair or spend limited time rinse out the product, you will find that the mask may have little to no effect. To get that luscious, smooth, and sleek hair texture, you must understand the best way to apply it; read more here.

What you will find with most hair masks is that they produce optimal results when used with their counterpart shampoos and conditioners. This is because the premium ingredients correspond and have purposely been formulated to work well together between washes. The Iles Formula Spa Pack offers the complete set, also including a Conditioner Distribution Comb to facilitate an accurate application to ensure all the nutrients from the organic products are evenly distributed.

Don’t forget after your treatment is done to protect your hair from UV + color fade + heated tools + humidity. This is reassurance your efforts are protected.



Iles Formula Spa Pack


Iles Formula Conditioner Distribution Comb

If you have the mask with natural, organic ingredients, you will realize that the second they are applied, they are activated and start nourishing the hair almost instantly. To find out some ideas for the ingredients to look out for, visit the Iles Formula Ingredients page.

Give your crowning glory the love and attention that it deserves. Introducing a natural hair mask into your weekly hair care routine will do wonders for your scalp and hair health. Iles Formula promises maximum simplicity and maximum performance. Check out our products for yourself!

Indulge in the hands of top professionals.


Many top salons carrying Iles Formula offer the Iles Spa Treatment featuring the award-winning formulas with a focus on the Iles Formula Hair Mask. Indulge in the hands of top professionals. Treat yourself. To find a Salon near you offering this service click here.

This service would make a wonderful gift idea too!

Visit the Iles Formula Journal and Shop to discover our award-winning formulas, customer reviews, expert opinions, and even hairstyle ideas!

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