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All You Will Ever Need To Know About Hair Extensions And Which Ones Are The Best For You

Have you been feeling like your hair is thinning or has become thinner over the years?  This seems to be a concern we hear often from women.  Well, if your one of those women, then we are here to help.  In this journal, we are sharing All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions, And Which Ones Are Best For You.  We will let you know about all of the different types of options when it comes to extensions and how to determine which would be a fit for you.

Hair Extensions DIY Hair Extensions

We want to begin by sharing with you the first two options for Hair Extensions.  Clip-Ins and Halo.  Both of these are “Do It Yourself” Extensions.  Meaning, you buy the hair from your stylist or a local store that sells them and you put them in and out on your own.  We always recommend still going through your stylist for either of these, because they will be able to get you better quality hair than if you purchase on your own.  Plus you can also ask your stylist to teach you how to put them in and take them out safely on your own. Your stylist will also show the best way to place them in your hair after they have cut them to match or blend with your own hair cut.  Below you will see each of the different types:

Clip Ins:  Clip in hair extensions are wefts of hair that have small clips attached to them that secure to your own hair.  This allows you to add length or thickness or both, depending on your needs.


Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions

Halo Extensions:  This type has a clear fishing wire type string attached to a weft of hair.  This allows you to place the piece on top of your head just like a halo.  After placing you would use a comb to pull your natural hair over the wire to cover it.  These are very user-friendly and in our opinion easier to apply on your own than clip-in extensions.


Hair Extensions

Another bonus of going through your hair stylist for your hair extensions, is that they can not only cut but color them if needed to match your hair.  Color match is key to having these extensions belonging to you the wearer. When purchasing hair extensions it is always recommended to choose 100% Remy human hair.  The remy means all of the cuticle are laying in the same direction which will prevent tangling issues down the road.  Why choose human hair?  Because it will blend best with your hair and you are able to wash, blow-dry and curl it just like your own hair.  You will pay more, but trust us it is worth the investment.

These are two options that come without the commitment and added cost.  What if you want something a bit more permanent?  Here are some options.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape In’s seem to be very popular right now in the world of hair extensions.  They are more permanent, lasting 6 to 8 weeks and would be installed by a professional extension hair stylist.  After wearing them for 6-8 weeks, you have your stylist remove them and re apply them.   Basically you move them up, because they grow out as your hair grows.   These extensions are nice because they lay very flat to the head, and are pretty flexible after a couple of days of getting used to them.   Just like the clip ins and halo, they can be installed for thickness only, or length or both.

What you will love about having extensions, beside the fact that your hair is perfect, is that when you curl them, the curl will often last several days before needing to be fully styled again.  If you have finer, thinner hair, then you know holding curl can be a challenge.

Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Extensions

Hand tied extensions are another really great option.  With hand tied, your stylist is not having to attach the weft to as much of your natural hair.  In addition, the wefts cover more surface area and can be made thicker so you are able to get fuller results without connecting to as much of your hair.  In the long run, this could be a safer option.

This is also a good choice if you just want your hair a little thicker, because your stylist can add one thin row only, giving you a thicker fuller version of your own hair.  This would allow you to sample extensions to see if you would like to add more without having to pay for a full installation.  Kind of like a try before you fully commit type of deal.  You may find the one row is just enough, or perhaps, you may decide to dive right in and add some more.


Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Photo:  @hairby_chrissy of Habit Hand Tied Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair by:  @hairby_chrissy of Habit Hand Tied Extensions

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Micro Beads are another option of hair extensions that you would have applied by a hair extension specialist.  These take much longer to install and remove and are typically the most expensive to apply mainly because of the time it takes to put them in.  Certain hair distributors hair costs can be more with this type as well.  These feel a bit more natural, as they are able to move around most like natural hair, but they are attached to more of your hair so they can impart more damage than that of the others.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Row after row of these small micro sections are placed and then secured with a bead to hold into place.

There are even more when it comes to extensions but these are the most widely used.  Ask your stylist if you would like to know about any others.

No matter what type of extensions you choose, it’s very important to listen to your stylist and purchase all that is needed to properly care and maintain them at home.  This will save you in the long run and you will have better and healthier results.  There are certain products/tools that your stylist will recommend, such as a specific brush and hair-care products.  Trust us when we say, they are not just trying to sell you more stuff.  You really do need these items.

One thing you will want to be sure you have is a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and a styling product that will allow the extension hair to feel silky smooth.  We love recommending our Iles Formula products for this.  The shampoo and conditioner will give you just the right dose of hydration that your extensions will need to stay looking and feeling like spun silk.  In regards to styling, our Iles Formula Finishing Serum is a perfect choice, as its your extensions best friend for protecting them from heated tools , taming  fly aways and sealing that cuticle tight.  You will just love it!

How do you decide which ones are right for you?  Well for starters, budget is a huge factor.  Not only are the more permanent ones a bigger investment up front, but they also require regular maintenance.  So, be sure that this fits into your budget.  The Extensions that are removable and that you can do at home have an initial investment, but that is all.  If you have it in your budget to do the extensions that are installed from a professional, it is best to talk with the stylist to determine which type is best for your hair type and lifestyle.  They will consult with you a find your best option.

We hope this answered some of your hair extension questions, and helped you to understand better the different types available.  Are you already  for wearing extensions?  Which type are your favorites?  Let us know in the comments.

A professional tip to remember if you want these extensions looking like your own hair. Don’t wear them too long, have them professionally cut in to blend with your own hair, you can of course lengthen your hair but don’t over do it  (that’s usually the first clue to “she is wearing false hair”) and color match is key.

As always, we love seeing your social media posts, so don’t forget to tag us in @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula so we can see your beautiful hair creations.

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