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Winter Haircare – How to Take Care of Your Hair During Winter

Winter solstice is approaching, and the coldest time of the year in the northern hemisphere is dawning upon us.

A lot of things are more demanding in winter. The prolonged darkness induces a depressing mood, the decrease in outdoor activities and social gatherings makes us feel lonelier, and the prevalence of dry air exacerbated by the wide use of electric heating can be quite difficult for those of us who suffer from dry nostrils.

The harshness of winter does not stop here. The special conditions that winter brings about can add extra pressure onto your hair.

Why does your hair need extra care during the wintertime?

The air around us loses moisture when the temperature drops. On top of this, the use of heating devices and humidity gives the feeling of even drier air.

Your hair can suffer greatly from a loss of moisture and hydration. Dry hair will become brittle and more prone to breakage. This can lead to an increase in split ends and make your hair look frizzy and textureless.

Brittle hair can be hard to comb due to hair entanglement and breakage which leads to dry and brittle hair, which will not be easy to style! Tying your hair all up can for sure be a shortcut to creating an effortless but gorgeous hairstyle during the wintertime. Accessorizing your hair bun with a simple hair twilly will highlight the visual vibrancy in your hair. The Iles Formula Twilly Hair Tie is made of silk, which does not snag hair or cause damage.


Iles Formula Twilly Hair Tie

Dry hair can also lead to a large increase in static electricity. The electric shockwave that comes with touching a door handle, the sizzling sound when we take off a sweater, the magical electric attraction between your hair and your hat… for some of us, these struggles with the electron-charged natural environment characterize our winter life.

Our remedy for this is to apply a little Iles Formula Finishing Serum daily. It will immediately settle down static and protect your hair from the extreme cold and humidity.  This serum will never weigh hair down but will transform all kinds of static or frizz to a silky controllable texture.


Images sourced from the Iles Formula Pinterest Board

What does dry and brittle hair look like?

To be completely honest, dry and brittle hair will downgrade your look. On the one hand, it is hard to style; on the other hand, the outmost layer of your hair breaks down when your hair loses water and the natural oils consequentially disappear. This rips your hair off its original light-reflecting quality, thus removing its shine and glow.

Dry hair also has less weight, and hence your hair can become fuzzier and frizzier.


Before image of dry hair, scroll to view the after image using the Iles Formula Signature Collection 

How to protect your hair against the cold and dry winter?

To maintain a gorgeous hairstyle during the challenging winter times, it is essential to exercise an accommodating haircare routine.

Here are some haircare tips to help your hair survive this cold and dry winter:

1. Invest in an air humidifier.

Most of our hair problems in winter come from dehydration, especially if living in central heating, so investing in a humidifier that adds more natural moisture to the air around us makes sense.

2. Invest in high-performance deep conditioning products.

Dry hair needs treatment. The Iles Formula Signature Collection is what our founder Wendy Iles used in treating this straw-like hair transformation above and below. The entire transformation including blowdry was 50 minutes! The hair was nourished +repaired+ protected. It can be as simple as that if you use the right products.


Image sourced from the Iles Formula Pinterest board

This 50-minute transformation used the 3 step Iles Formula Signature Collection.

Let’s speak about Hair Masks.

Often people think if they use a mask, they don’t need a conditioner. Wrong! A mask and a conditioner have completely different roles. The mask adds extra nurture and in the case of Iles Formula Mask is also vitamin-infused for the scalp. A  high-performance conditioner like Iles Formula’s should always follow a mask, as it closes tight the outer cuticle sealing in all the nurture.

The Iles Formula Hair Mask provides your scalp and hair with the nutrients they need from efficient ingredients such as nut oils, silk, pracaxia extract, and tucuma butter. This treatment is for all hair types. The frequency depends on your hair texture. Thin fine hair once a month, thick coarse hair can be twice a month, and in some cases once a week.

IMPORTANT STEP please apply this mask after step 1, the Iles Formula shampoo, and before step 2 Iles Formula Conditioner.  The shampoo prepares hair to accept the extra nourishment and the conditioner seals the nourishment into the hair shaft.



Iles Formula Hair Mask

3. Trim your split ends to prevent further breakage and splitting up the hair shaft which can cause frizzy looking hair.

4. Always use a protector against heat and extreme cold, we recommend the Finishing Serum.

5. Throw on a hat and protect your hair against environmental assaults.

6. If you air dry your hair at home, make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry and protected before you go outdoors, any dampness will become ice and can snap the hair off.

7. Consider a monthly Hair Spa Iles Formula Spa Pack which strengthens, nourishes, and indulges your hair. Suitable for all hair types, and also makes a marvelous gift.


Iles Formula Spa Pack

Winter can be harsh on the hair but it is also a time for festivity and fun. Take care of your hair during winter and we would love to see how your hair looks this frosty season so don’t forget to tag us @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula on your social media!

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