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Bangs or Fringes


false bangs

Americans call them  bangs, the English prefer the word  fringes, either way  I love them !

Trying on false bangs (usually called clip bangs) is also a great way to discover how you are going to look with them … Love it, then cut it!

Heidi Klum False Bangs

I remember when I cut Heidi Klum’s bangs last Autumn for this season of Germany’s Next Top Model Tv show. It was so exciting and we had so much fun especially when we started re-styling her wardrobe to correspond to the 70’s look of her bangs. It remains, until today, one of my favorite looks of Heidi.
If you want to buy false bangs, my advice for you is to choose 100% human hair ones, that will enable you to treat them like your own hair when using curling and straightening irons. They usually are sold as clip on. Make sure that the clip is not too big, but anyway you can always buy  a small clip and sew it on your bangs.
false bangs
If you live in Paris, you can visit “Didact” salon where they will take your bangs measurements, choose with you the style that suits you , then cut and color them for you to match exactly your hair color. One of the tricks to make the bangs look as if they belong to you, is to find the perfect color match, so this is reassured as you will have an expert in this salon to make that happen.
Contact Didact Hair Building , 2 rue du Jour – 75001 Paris / Tel +33182283010 / Email: contact@didact-hair-building.com

Other reliable addresses where you can purchase false bangs in the USA:

 His and Hers Hair Goods Co, 5525 Wilshire Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90036 / Toll free.1-800-421-4417 /Office Number 323-931-1021/ Fax 323-931-5058 / Email: info@hisandher.com
 Helena’s wigs, 120 W 31st Street, New York, NY 10001, US / Tel (212) 967 -9945
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