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I Like This Week

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This week was all about train trips. Firstly to London for Garnier shoot with a new British “égerie”, which is all a secret for the moment, but I will let you know who she is when I can. I loved my stay at the Estate of the Duke of Northumberland. A great way to relax after long shoot days, with a stroll through the Duke’s magnificent gardens.

Back to Paris for a day to re-pack for a 5 day trip with my beautiful client Heidi Klum for the Germany’s next top model finale. Upon our arrival in Cologne, the first thing I did was order a plate of asparagus.  For me the Germans do “Spargel” the best ! I had it for every meal !

It was great catching up with Heidi, meeting her every day at her parents’ house outside Cologne  where she grew up.  Getting ready for the  big finale of Germanys Next Top Model was a little stressful as it was live TV ,but  it was a  lot of fun too  as I was with Heidi’s number one makeup artist Linda Hay and the Red Seven crew who I spent 2 months  filming the emmissions  with last year.

The week ended with a press event for Heidi and her client Schwarzkopf. It was the launch of a new product that Heidi and I did the commercial for, due out in September. Heidi is kind and very hard working . I’m always pleased to have her in my chair.

To top off my week my cover and inside story with french actress Lea Seydoux came out . You can view the entire story on my facebook page .

Next stop  for me will be the Cannes film festival , so stay tuned !

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