Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

Her muse, is Marie Antoinette, her art is heavily inspired by classicism, her attention to even the smallest of detail, is flawless, and she’s a bit of a perfectionist. Meet Innicka Dee, the artist, designer, and creative mind behind the company of the same name, a high end cake service, in Melbourne, Australia producing some of the most exquisite bespoke cakes.

These cakes aren’t your everyday ones, and certainly would look right at home displayed in a gallery or museum.

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

IF : Relationship with your hair?
ID: It’s a great one! Being so long, I make sure to look after it. So it’s probably been coloured only a handful of times, the only styling products I use is a little dry shampoo to the roots, and of course the Iles Formula 3 step system.

I also try to stay away from any heat appliances other than in the evening to blow dry the roots to the mid length, after a shower, then lightly dry from the mid-lengths to the ends. This is to allow the ends to dry naturally overnight and not cause any damage. I also try to make sure to pack my diet full of fresh spinach, berries, avocados, and raw salmon, partly because I love them so much and partly because they’re super-foods for my hair and skin.

IF : Best Hair Inspiration decade?
ID: It’d have to be the 50’s. I’m all about elegance, and that decade exuded glamour and class. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor were fashion icons during the 50’s and their style I admire greatly.

IF : How did you hear about Iles Formula?
ID: It was actually through a social media post from Said Rubaii Hairstyling in Berlin. I began following them after they cut our sons hair during a trip we took to Berlin last year, and was inspired by their post about Iles Formula.

IF : What is the most inspiring thing you’ve learned at your job?
ID: That everything I’m inspired by on a daily basis can be applied to my art, and that art in turn inspires others! Everyone loves cake, and it’s incredibly humbling when my art has the ability to make others happy.

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

IF : Do you read direction for use?
ID: Absolutely! The one thing I always make sure to do. All products are formulated differently, so to ensure I get the maximum results, I always read the directions.

IF : Do you read the composition of a product?
ID: No. I read in the directions that you could leave a little in the hair, so that told me that whatever the ingredients were they must be good for my hair. Then I base my trust in how my hair feels after a few uses, to see if it’s right for me.

IF: Your favourite destination?
ID: Now that’s a hard question! There’s so many of them, although if I’d have to choose one, it’d be Paris. The romanticism, the architecture, the people, the food, all of it is a huge inspiration to me and my work.

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

IF: If you were to treat yourself what would it be?
IF: Well my eldest son and husband would say I do that everyday, although my ultimate would be a child/husband free house, where I could enjoy an entire day {or few} of doing nothing.

IF : Your favorite Iles Formula product?
ID: I love all of them, although to pick a favorite I’d say the conditioner. It makes my hair super soft and smooth, and the scent is incredibly divine.

IF : Your favorite shower dance?
ID: I’m certainly not impartial to attempting, emphasis on the word attempting, a bit of classical ballet while showering. I pump up the volume of Chopin to full, lock my bedroom door, and head into my ensuite knowing I’m perfectly safe from being seen by my young boys or husband. My boys would think it’s funny, although I’d never hear the end of it from the hubby.

IF : What makes you the most happy?
ID: Hands down, seeing my children and family happy and traveling and discovering the world with my husband and sons.

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

IF: Your ultimate dinner party guests ?
ID: I do love history, so definitely a dinner with Marie Antoinette, and Leondaro da Vinci would be the ultimate for me. I imagine the discussion around the dining table would be interesting, from fashion and palaces, to art and science, and perhaps cakes too.

IF : If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be?
ID: Be consistent with your skincare! It doesn’t matter what skincare products you use as long as you’ve got the right product for your skin type and concerns, it all comes down to consistency. I religiously follow a set regime for morning and night based on my skin concerns and needs.  I’m now going into my 40’s with pretty healthy looking skin. The looks I get when out with my eldest son in public who’s now 20 are priceless. It only happens when he calls me Mum in front of people, then that’s always followed with a confused face, and always most certainly, a question of “um how old are you” ….. We wait for it, because it happens so often and just laugh about it.

IF : Being a woman in 2017?
ID: Having a voice and opinion that’s heard, leaving the home to work or perhaps working from home to help provide for your family, having equal pay to your male counterparts, sharing half the responsibilities with your partner of running a home and raising your children, and having a say in the decision making and a partner that supports and encourages your rights as a 2017 women! As much as this is a reality for some, for most it’s still not! We’ve come so far over the last 100 years but there’s still so much more to be done to change the old fashioned and very outdated ingrained perception that’s still sadly exists in this current day.

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

Iles Formula Women Innicka Dee

I think we all want one of these cakes don’t we?

See more of Innicka’s creations at
Business Instagram: @innickadeeartistry

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