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Iles Formula Women With Cecile Wickmann

This week we welcome to Iles Formula Journal, Cecile Wickmann Founder of  Rebelle.  Rebelle is the leading German online marketplace for second-hand designer fashion. With a range of international luxury brands, it makes every vintage lover’s heart beat faster. On Rebelle.com customers can find new treasures and easily re-sell their own designer items. Rebelle sends out 100’s of packages with designer bags, clothing, accessories and jewellery to 29 countries from the headquarter in Hamburg every day.

Rebelle.com offers a broad selection of high end luxury brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Céline and Chloé as well as labels such as Acne and Isabel Marant. Whether first or second hand, rare classics or last season’s sold out pieces, unique vintage treasures or designer bargains – customers benefit from a curated selection and prices that are up to 80% lower than in stores. An in-house team of experts checks every designer piece for authenticity and quality and ensures a safe buying experience for customers.

Iles Formula Women With Cecile Wickmann


Cécile Wickmann


Founder & CEO of REBELLE.com, online market-place of high-end designer secondhand, where you can easily sell and buy preloved designer items

IF:  What is the most inspiring thing you’ve learned through your job?

CW:  What I love most, is working with people. First, because this is the only way to create something big. Second, because it is so much more fun. Working with a team always means working with different characters, different cultural backgrounds, which for me always has been an inspiration in itself. We have offices and employees in UK, the Netherlands and Italy and I really enjoy working with such an international team.

Iles Formula Women With Cecile Wickmann

IF:  Your favorite destination?

CW:  Difficult question, because even though I still have so many places to see on my list, I already discovered so many that I love. I think it is the wildness of Africa and Paris is still my favorite city.

IF:  Best fashion inspiration decade? 

CW:  The twenties for sure!

IF:  If you were to treat yourself what would it be?

CW:  Long exciting travel around the world.

IF:  Your ultimate dinner party guests?

CW:  Gathering all my best friends around my large wooden table would be all I could wish for the best dinner party.

IF:  Relationship with your hair? 

CW:  So So – depending on the day. Currently the shorter it is the better it gets.

Iles Formula Women With Cecile Wickmann

IF:  How did you hear about Iles Formula?

CW:  A colleague told me about this impressive Finishing Serum which I am 100% sure really makes a difference! No matter which shampoo you use or haircut you have!

IF:  Do you read directions for use? 

CW:  Never

IF:  Do you read the composition of a product?

CW:  No. But smell is really important to me!

IF:  Your favourite Iles Formula product?

CW:  The Finishing Serum!!! To be honest, it is the only product I use.

IF:  What makes you the most happy?

CW:  I am a total nature lover! So waking up in a wonderful place with lots of nature, happy animals and good weather.

IF:  If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be ? 

CW:  Thats probably not a helpful tip but I am convinced real beauty always comes from the inside. So treat yourself good and you will not only feel beautiful, but also look beautiful.

IF:  What is being a woman in 2017?

CW:  Even if in my opinion, it is the right of every woman on the planet, I am still thankful being born in a country and in a period of time, where women have the possibility and the freedom to decide about their live and career. We should always support each other and try our best to help all women who due to education, culture, religion or poverty don’t have these opportunities. This has always been a personal concern, and with REBELLE, I finally had the possibility to make an impact and to really change something. This is why we just launched the fashion charity initiative “REBELLE with a cause“ together with the children’s aid organization Plan International. This program aims to give girls and young women in Zimbabwe education opportunities and a self-determined future.

Customers can easily donate the sales of their preloved designer pieces to Plan International. For each item sold, REBELLE will provide the service fee and commission, so that 100% of the revenue goes to the plan project.

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