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About Iles Formula

About Iles Formula

Une histoire, une marque, des émotions.

"I have always been attracted by lustrous repaired hair, it's just part of the DNA of my approach to hairdressing."

Iles Formula is simply an extension of this and my need to find the perfect instant bespoke antidote against tortured celebrity hair for red carpets and global A-list campaigns.


High-performance haircare that delivers instantly soft, sumptuous, nurtured hair.

These formulas really do transform hair from the very first use. The phenomenal reviews are testimony to our benchmark performance of delivering soft, sumptuous, nurtured hair from the very first use. Its also testimony to Wendy’s 4 decades at the top of her game in hair.

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The ingredients in the Iles Formula haircare range have been sourced personally by Wendy from all over the world. Carefully blended together to develop the most powerful complexes, the unique proprietary high-grade repair ingredients are the secret behind the Iles Formula signature spun-silk hair finish.


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Imagine that moment you can’t wait to talk about,the magical moment you never wanted to stop touching your hair.

The moment you fell in love with your hair, instantly.

The moment you felt invincibly confident.

The joyful moment of liberation. The moment when you became you. The new you. Invincibly confident.

As one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the industry today, Wendy Iles has become internationally acclaimed for mastering the art and science of hair and beauty.

During her years of work on some of the most prestigious beauty campaigns in the hair industry and serving as a go to hairstylist to top celebrities, Wendy identified early on that she needed super charged high-performance haircare that could provide instant hair repair and visible results for celebrity clients walking the red carpet or models on global beauty campaigns. Wendy’s passion for hair – combined with her tireless quest to find formulas to boost hair recovery and health – led her to create Iles Formula.

Wendy spent a decade scouring the globe to find powerful ingredient blends and complexes that would provide instant results for her high-profile clientele. What began as an onset hair secret has launched to the public available globally. Iles Formula is a 3-step high performance haircare system. Its unique blend of proprietary high-grade repair and care ingredients are the secret behind the Iles signature spun silk hair finish.

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Our principle

Minimalism meets maximum performance

Passion & Expertise

Passion & Expertise

It’s with these two qualities that Wendy dominates in the highly competitive world of Fashion and Beauty. Without this combination, the Iles Formula challenge would never be possible.



The foundation of any authentic act of creation. Wendy Iles groundbreaking Iles Formula predicts our future. We will always strive to be a step ahead.

High Quality & Refinement

High Quality & Refinement

Because Wendy believes in perfection and, as a woman, treasures all that surrounds beauty and well-being, we are committed to excellence.

High Quality & Refinement


Our goal is sincere and what we offer the market is a true revolution in haircare. We welcome our customers’ stories. We cherish your feedback as we want to anticipate your needs and desires. Everything we do is thinking of you. Take our bottle, its soft touch fits right into your hand. It stands on its head so you don’t lose any precious product, but much more importantly than any of all this, Iles Formula delivers simplicity with maximum performance, a breath of fresh air in what is an over saturated market of ordinary hair products.

This is why our products stand apart, consumers see and feel the results from the very first application.

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