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Discovery + Travel Kit

The Travel Kit, or Introduction To Iles Formula


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The DNA of Iles Formula. Travel sized signature Shampoo + Conditioner + Finishing Serum sachets dosed for long hair + Conditioner Distribution Comb. Beautifully boxed and perfect for travel in hand luggage or simply to discover our brand.

Sulfate Free + Silicone Free + Paraben Free

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At a great value, our DISCOVERY + TRAVEL PACK is the perfect way to test and fall in love with Iles Formula, also perfect for TRAVEL.

Ideal for ALL hair types and ages, this pack contains 4 sets of our 3 signature formulas (0.30 fl. oz): our sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicon-free shampoo + instant repair conditioner + finishing serum with protection against UV, color fade and humidity. The conditioning distribution comb is also included. With our carefully hand-picked, custom-blended ingredients including vitamins, nut oils, silk and ceramide, our products will leave your hair nourished + repaired + protected with a light scent of white flowers. Put to the test on the world’s most demanding women, you will immediately feel your hair is smooth and silky with a beautiful bounce and luster resulting in sumptuous volume and body.

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The Discovery + Travel Kit contains travel size hair products perfect for hand luggage if needed.. The small compact box contains 2 weeks to 1 month’ supplies, depending on hair length and frequency of shampoos.

Gently massage our sulfate-free SHAMPOO on thoroughly wet hair, add a few more drops of water to awaken the lather that are created by plant extracts.

On wet hair, apply CONDITIONER from the mid-lengths to the ends. Comb through for even distribution. Rinse after less than a minute and your hair will be instantly repaired and revitalized.

Apply a small amount of the FINISHING SERUM from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair before blow-drying or styling (don’t rinse off). The Serum can be used on wet or dry hair. Comb through for even distribution as it contains your UV protection, color fade protection and protection against heated tools and humidity.

Gently massage Iles Formula Shampoo onto thoroughly wet hair. This is one of few sulfate-free shampoos available that has a rich lather.


We find Iles Formula works best without other styling products such as mousse or hairspray as they can remove the lustrous, sumptuous results Iles Formula delivers. However, you can still use your regular styling tools. The Iles Formula Finishing Serum has built-in heat protection for all styling tools.

Directions For Use

The Shampoo is sulfate free + silicon free + paraben free. The secret to our Shampoo is to use more water, not more product to activate the root juices then start massaging into the hair immediately to create an abundance of lather that will help distribute all the nutrients to the hair.
Yes. Our shampoo is sulfate free however it delivers an abundance of lather due to a root extract we use instead of sulfates. The secret to our shampoo is to add more water while massaging, not more product. The root extract buffs over damaged porosity bars on the hair shaft (particularly common in colored hair) so be sure to use it on the ends of the hair which need this nurture the most.
The Conditioner is our jewel and INSTANTLY repairs all hair texture to soft silk. The key is to comb the conditioner through to ensure even distribution. If you don't have a wide tooth comb please use a wet brush to comb the conditioner through your hair. Our conditioner heals hair by closing the hair cuticles tightly without coating it like traditional conditioners, nor leaving harmful residues like protein or keratin. Its performance is phenomenal.
The Iles Formula Finishing Serum can be used on both wet hair before drying, and on dry hair too to tame down any frizz. It is exceptional when heat activated, e.g. when blow-dried into the hair. It works like magic, making thin hair feel thicker, and thicker hair feel less bulky. Please be sure to cover each part of the hair.
As often as you wish. Our formulas are high performance using gentle ingredients so will never dry the hair or scalp.

Hair Types

Our products are perfect for ALL hair types.
Yes. Iles Formula will never weigh your hair down. In fact, by using our 3 award winning formulas, the Shampoo + Conditioner + Finishing Serum, fine hair will gain body and appear thicker and fuller. The results are immediate and right after the first treatment your hair will not only look great but also feel great. The Iles Formula Hair Mask has also been formulated not to weigh the hair down. It's performance is to nurture and strengthen hair and scalp without leaving any residue behind so it's perfect for even the finest of hair.
Yes. Greasy hair sufferers can benefit from our Shampoo which is sulfate free yet still lathers very well. Your hair will feel thoroughly cleansed and refreshed after use! The secret to our Shampoo is to add more water, not more product and to massage it into the hair immediately for the abundance of lather which will give the hair a thorough cleanse and lift the excess sebum from the scalp.
Yes, our formulas were born to nurture and repair all types of hair. The more damaged the more phenomenal the performance! The root extract in our Shampoo buffs over damaged porosity bars on the hair shaft which are particularly common in colored hair. The Iles Formula Conditioner is essential in repairing any damage as it locks the outer hair shaft and instantly detangles hair. The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is protection for your hair and contains UV filters to maintain your color while leaving hair vibrant and healthy.
Our shampoo is excellent on grey hair. The Shampoo contains a root extract in place of sulfates which actually removes the yellow tinges that can often appear in grey hair through pollution, city water and sometimes even medication.
Yes. Iles Formula is phenomenal on all hair extensions. We have some of the best extension salons using and selling Iles Formula as home care for their clients. As your extensions age, they will begin to feel rough and dry. Iles Formula transforms this hair to sumptuous silk. The best and most complete nurture system is the Signature Collection.
Most certainly, yes. Iles Formula is one of the most recommended products to use after ALL chemical procedures including Brazilian blowouts. The best and most complete nurture system is the Signature Collection.
Yes. All Iles Formula products are keratin safe. In fact, as keratin treatments disrupt the hair shaft, Iles Formula is the perfect home care after such a treatment to nurture, care and repair the hair shaft without coating or weighing the hair down.


Shampoo - pH 5.50 - 6.5
Conditioner - pH 4.0 - 5.0
Finishing Serum - pH 4.0 - 5.0


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  1. Vell

    great value
    I was hesitant to try this but was compelled due to being inbetween a decent cut and color. I’m still in the process of interviewing a new stylist that can hook up some thick hair… It’s extremely humid where I recently moved to !! This product got me from gunky product buildup/birdsnest to soft and silky clean almost instantly ! Detangling was a breeze…i used my own detangle brush rather than the comb provided as my hair has eaten bigger combs for breakfast. I’ll try the comb eventually on a calm hair day..the serum was great with a quick blow out and I only used 1/3 of the trial packet !! I’m impressed that it subdued my frizz and will purchase the full size very soon !

  2. Roslyn Moreau

    When I first started using Iles Formula I made this pack last 1 month as my budget couldn’t support the full-size bottles. My hair is medium thickness and short. I wash twice a week. I’m now on full-size 200 ml bottles that last me around 10 to 12 weeks. I love this brand and all it represents. My advice if you can manage it, is to skip the sachets and head straight to full-size bottles.

  3. Julie Parson AZ

    It’s a great idea to offer a Discovery Pack. I know the sachets are made more generous in size to accommodate long hair but my hair is full of extensions and very long. The result was I didn’t have enough product to really judge well, nevertheless, it convinced me to purchase the large size, and thank goodness I did. This stuff is life-changing.
    Anyone with really thick long hair may need 2 sachets on each application.

  4. sarah

    i’ve been looking for a new s + c to be my go to, but after using up the whole kit, this isn’t it. i liked the smell in the shower (it didn’t linger after my hair was dry, which is probably a pro for some but it was a con for me) and the smell of the serum (which also didn’t linger).
    unfortunately, i just didn’t feel like it fully cleaned my hair – after showering, my hair didn’t look good and fresh like i would expect it to. the only thing i can think of is that the amount included in the packet wasn’t enough shampoo to clean my long hair, as it was a bit less than i would normally use, but i concentrated it around the scalp as always AND used a scalp massager and still had this result. i’m really disappointed, i guess my search for the perfect shampoo and conditioner continues.

  5. JA

    Where have you been all my life ??
    This stuff is impressive. I’ll purchase the whole collection for sure.

  6. Tara

    I have 30 years of hair dressing experience and have used every hair product there is in the market. I genuinely believe in this product for its high performance as promised and will NOT use anything else in my hair (& my body) besides Iles formula again. It smells like heaven, leaves my hair silky/& strong as well as manageable and its safe on my entire body as well as the environment. I highly recommend this product to my family, friends and all my clients. You will not be disappointed and will love it too like everyone else I have recommended this one too.

  7. Mary

    This product is very good.

  8. Irinas

    29 Apr 2017
    good starter kit
    This is a good starter kit if you’re just looking to try it out and don’t want to commit just yet. I did love it though so I will be buying the full sizes. After one use my damaged hair felt healthier and soft and it brought back some shine to it also. Love it!

  9. P S

    came back to it
    I used a few sample packs of the serum. Made my hair great, but I decided to move on and try another product. Had to return to this bc my hair hasn’t been the same without it.

  10. Julie

    I dont usually care much for hair care products, nor believe their promises. However, with this Iles Formula my fine, fluffy hair is SO happy, it feels, stronger, sleeker and smells AMAZING! Converted!

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