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Short Hair, are you thinking about a change?

Short Hair, are you thinking about a change?

Searching for an edgy look to shake up your hairstyle? If you’re tired of your long lengths, you may want to consider a shorter cut that will spice up your look while enhancing your facial features. Judging from the trends of the past year, it’s more than likely that women will be experimenting with the shorter hair this next season. Here are some tips to keep your short hair modern.

Try a Pixie Cut – with a short fringe and close cropped sides, this look is a great choice for the woman who likes litle maintenance. It’s extremely chic and modern. Vidal Sassoon made this cut famous in the 70’s when he cut off the long locks of Mia Farrow.


Mia Farrow- wendy ileshairblog


Make a statement with your short hair by utilizing a deep part on one side while sweeping the hair across the other side of the face. Twiggy made this cut famous in the 70’s, which remains today one of my favorite short cuts. 

wendyiles-hairblog - Mia Farrow

The asymetrical is another simple cut that works well, as the longer length can be styled many different ways. By adding soft layers  to the other wise solid  bob cut, encourages natural spontaneity in the hair. The image on bottom right can even be tied back into a short pony, or curled to deliver an even bigger change.

celebrity-short-hairstyles wendyiles-hairblog



Have your stylist use your temple to cut a geometric angle into the hair; be sure to put some product in to create volume and make the perfect shape.
Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 07.22.53

Lastly, try the classic Chin Length Bob that can easily be converted to create that supermodel look you’ve always wanted!

Katie Holmes never looked better than when she was wearing her bob. Anna Wintour has been fidel to her bob most of her fashion career. The bob is perfect for fine textured hair like Marion Cotillard’s hair as the one length adds weight and density  to the hair.



Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 23.57.28

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