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Spring Getaway: 3 Haircare Tips for Your Holiday Hair During the Spring Vacation

Spring is only a few weeks away, and people are looking forward to taking a break with it! 42 percent of American families are planning to go on a spring vacation this year. Going on a spring getaway can be a balm for the body and soul, but the weather can be a nightmare for your hair. Not only can the spring heat dry your hair, but also if you’re going to a resort, repeated exposure to chlorinated or salt water can also be damaging to your tresses.

To have strong and healthy hair throughout the season, you’ll need to take special care of it. Also to style it well so that your hair can be protected from the chemical elements and substances. Here’s a guide to caring for your hair during a spring getaway.

Iles Formula - Hair Care during Spring getaway - beach hair - vacation hair

Cover up & Protect Your Hair

To look stylish at resorts or water parks, you’ll need to upgrade your beach fashion by donning some of the best swimwear trends. You can’t go wrong with a two-piece bikini in a leopard print — it’s a great way to ensure that all eyes are on you. Or go with a bright mustard yellow swimsuit, which will set off a tan nicely at sand beach.

Apart from wearing a cover-up, you should also wear something that will protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun, such as a natural straw hat with a wide brim or wear sunglasses . But don’t just jam that hat onto your head. First, comb a UV protector onto your hair locks, such as Iles Formula Finishing Serum and Curl Revive, to protect them from UV exposure, color fade, and humidity, especially if you have damaged hair.

Iles Formula Curl revive - hair protection - Hair protectantCurl Revive – click the above image to see reviews and details

Next, braid your hair and secure it with a hair tie that won’t snag your tresses. Now put on the hat, and voila! You’ve got a chic hairstyle that perfectly complements your trendy swimwear.


Cleanse your hair after swimming

Your hair may have nice, beachy-looking waves after a day of swimming, but leaving your hair saturated with salt or chlorinated water can result in color fade or damage.

Before turning in for the night, cleanse and wash your hair thoroughly with an antioxidant-rich shampoo such as Iles Formula Shampoo to get rid of the oxidative stress. Follow with the Iles Formula Conditioner, then rinse well. Dry your hair well to prevent it from getting tangled while you sleep and to ensure a great hair day when you wake up in the morning.

Iles Formula Signature Conditioner Iles Formula Conditioner – Click the above picture to see reviews


Wet hair? Style it with care

Pulling wet hair into a tight bun or ponytail is a recipe for disaster as your hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet. As your tresses are more susceptible to breakage, you’ll need to style it carefully by adding protective Iles Formula Finishing Serum while you’re on your beach or resort holiday.

Comb your hair gently with a wide-toothed comb, then spend a few minutes drying your hair locks so it’s not completely saturated with water.

When it’s about 50 percent dry, use a stylish silk piece like the Iles Formula Signature Twilly as a headband to keep your hair off your face. You can also use it to tie your hair back into a loose ponytail if you’d like to keep your hair off your neck.

Iles Formula Twillies - hair cover up - UV exposure - hair protection - hairstyles

Look your best during your spring holiday without sacrificing the health of your hair. Try these tips to keep your tresses strong and shiny, and enjoy having a great hair day every day while you’re on vacation.

Guest writer: Isabella Lovett

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