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"Diane Kruger"

It’s award season as I’m winding up my own stay in Los Angeles after receiving my own Oscar for best hair styling last Sunday at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. I felt this blog should be about what makes a great Academy Award hair….

One of Grace Kelly hair style :  The Classic Wave, is often a favorite and is frequently seen on the red carpet. Diane Kruger opts for the classic spun silk texture. The fine textured blonde hair in my opinion is the perfect hair texture in…

Diane has fine textured hair and when I did this coiffure for her it was quite layered. I blow dried her hair as a basic dry technique then made these broken waves with my small one inch straightening iron. I took meshes haphazardly and slipped…

Diane Kruger

    My #ThrowbackThursday  image is of Diane Kruger. I shot this picture about 5 years ago for Harper’s Bazaar UK  with photographer Ralph Mecke. Diane has fine textured hair and at this time it was quite layered . I blow dried…


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